Meet Melissa

I am the “purposely” portion of this duo. I like to have a plan for everything in our life. Living every day intentionally and with purpose is what brings me joy. This is why I enjoy researching the places we go and things we will see when we get there. Many of our adventures are in our “plan” far ahead of time.

I have many passions in life. Experiencing life with Damion is top on my list. Travelling the world, exploring the Twin Cities, cuddling our dogs Nala and Kiara, health, paddle boarding on our many Minneapolis lakes, spending time with our favorite people, interior design, financial planning, trying new coffee, taste testing beers at breweries, and the list could go on forever.

I also have a passion for making people feel beautiful inside and out. I am a hairstylist that is always educating myself to be my best. I work hard while I am home to accommodate my guests. This allows me the time off I need to travel the world. I am an introvert in an extrovert job. This is my key to success.