Wonderful Hikes and Eats in Glenwood Springs

Explore a mountain town full of waterfalls, hot springs and a bunch of delicious restaurant spots. This article will guide you through wonderful hikes and eats in Glenwood Springs.

This features two of the best trails we have been dying to conquer for years, the Maroon Bells and Hanging Lake.

Throughout the years, we have tried making it to these spots but failed. First, we made the drive from Breckenridge to Hanging Lake. However, when we arrived we realized it is not a dog friendly trail and had to turn around with our two pups in tow. Secondly, we traveled to Aspen early in June and unfortunately the access to Maroon Bells was closed due to heavy snowfall and avalanches. Finally this time, we made reservations, arrived during a time of year everything was open, ready for us to hit the trails with the dogs cuddling back at the Airbnb.

Checklist of Wonderful Hikes and Eats in Glenwood Springs:

Glenwood Canyon

As you make your way on I-70 the drive through Glenwood Canyon is undeniably breath-taking. For miles the Colorado river snakes its way in between the sheer cliffs of the canyon.

Veltus Park

Veltus Park is situated along the Colorado River with many amenities. This was our first stop since our Airbnb was not ready when we arrived. Damion turned on his Wi-Fi hotspot from his phone and was able to take a meeting. Meanwhile, the dogs and I hung out under the pavilion.

Maroon Bells Scenic Loop Trail (Wonderful Hikes and Eats in Glenwood Springs)

  • Maroon Bells is the Iconic Colorado scene regularly seen in pictures
  • You need a reservation May to October
  • There are very few self parking passes offered each day and you must arrive before 8am. Therefore, get your reservation when they open up
  • Many more shuttle bus passes available throughout the day
  • Closes often when there is a lot of snowfall

Maroon Bells Crater Lake Trail

  • 3.5 miles out and back trail
  • Dog friendly
  • Lake creates a mirror effect when the wind is calm
  • Easy to moderate hike with 688 elevation gain (at 9,500 foot elevation it feels harder for most)

Day in Aspen

Rifle Falls State Park

  • Colorado State Park
  • 9 dollars per car
  • 45 minute drive from Glenwood Springs
  • Short and easy hiking trail
  • Dog Friendly on leash

Wonderful Hikes and Eats in Glenwood Springs: Hanging Lake

  • Reservations fill up quickly
  • Trail follows the river up creating many mini waterfalls along the path
  • 3.2 mile out and back trail
  • 1,200 foot elevation gain to the top
  • Lake is a beautiful greenish blue
  • Not dog friendly
  • Walk the extra 300 Feet passed Hanging Lake to Spouting Rock Waterfall (you can walk behind it)

Stoneyard Distillery

Casey Brewing

Casey Brewing beers are created with over 99% local Colorado ingredients. Great location for people watching surrounded by many shops and the Colorado river a short walk away. However, can not see the river from the patio.

Glenwood Canyon Brewpub

Slope and Hatch

Deja Brew & Sunshine Too

Sundae Icecream (Wonderful Hikes and Eats in Glenwood Springs)

  • Chocolate PB Sundae for the win
  • Dog Friendly Patio in Downtown Glenwood Springs
  • Many Seasonal flavors

Rocky Mountain Pizza Company

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