Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek

Do you like to Hike and Eat? Then this guide is for you. The ultimate hiking trails and restaurants in Cave Creek are a short trek away from Phoenix Arizona.

Cave Creek is a cute old pioneer town just north of Scottsdale. All of the hiking trails listed below are within 40 minutes or less, and the restaurants are even closer.

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Barbara’s Casita North Scottsdale Airbnb

Barbara’s Casita is directly off the side of their house with an excellent private patio equipped with a massive television, space heaters, ample comfortable chairs, and even a beautiful gas firepit.

Upon arrival, Barbara spoiled us with a delicious charcuterie board, eggs, bakery goodies, beer and wine. She thought of everything we might want down to disposable razors in the bathroom.

The pool is a few steps away through a gate and cannot be seen from the patio. However, the pool and backyard is gorgeous making this one of our most memorable Airbnb’s to date.

Barbara went above and beyond and invited us to a dinner party with her friends. They made us feel as if we were old friends, and treated us to an excellent rib dinner. I could go on and on. Therefore, you need to stay to experience it for yourself.

Quartz Trail

  • 3.75 mile
  • 400 foot elevation gain
  • Located in Cave Creek Regional Park

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Black Mountain Trail

  • 2.2 miles
  • 1100ft elevation gain STEEP
  • Loose rock everywhere
  • Wish we had hiking poles
  • 15 minutes away from Barbara’s place

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Piestewa Peak and Freedom Trail

  • 5.5 mile
  • 1700ft elevation gain
  • Hike the Peak Trail to the top first
  • Decide if you want to go further on the Freedom Trail
  • Our favorite hike of the trip

Hole in the Rock

The hole in the rock is located in Papago Park. It is 15 minutes from the airport. Therefore, this is the perfect place to begin or end your trip. I have heard that it is also excellent at sunset.

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Blue Wash Trail

The Blue Wash trail is one of the only waterfall trails in the area. It starts with an epic view for miles and ends with the waterfall. It is a easy hike with only 416 foot elevation gain over less than 3 miles. However, it is an out and back and the last half mile is the steepest part.

Pinnacle Peak Trail

  • 4 miles
  • 1,100 foot elevation gain
  • Out and back
  • 15 minutes from Barbara’s place

Frontier Town

Frontier Town is located in the heart of Cave Creek. It takes you back in time with old shops, a cemetery, and dirt roads. Experience what it used to be like in this old western town.

Rare Earth Gallery

Located next to Frontier town, check out the Rare Earth Gallery. They also have a beautiful cactus garden out front.

Carefree Dessert Gardens and Sundial

Carefree is a town close to Cave Creek. They have many walking paths, an giant sundial, and fun landscaping.

Desert Foothills Scenic Drive

  • 6 mile drive
  • 30 minutes by car
  • Begins at intersection of Scottsdale R. and Happy Valley Rd
  • Paved and good for any vehicle

“A” Mountain

  • Just under 1 mile
  • 2.3 mile hike
  • Close to the Phoenix airport
  • Out and back

The Creek Patio Grill

The Creek Patio Grill was my favorite dinner spot. It’s not only adorable but the food and drinks were to die for.

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Press Coffee Roastery

We checked out Press Roastery after our long hike on Piestewa Peak. Their shakers are the best!

Black Mountain Coffee Shop & Cafe

  • Delicious cinnamon rolls
  • More of a cafĂ© than coffee shop
  • Excellent patio

PHX Beer Co.

Phx Beer Co. overlooks a great pond with a walking path around it. We arrived just in time for the super bowl and the patio was fun to watch it on.

El Encanto

Excellent Mexican restaurant in Downtown Cave Creek with a pond view. The pond is swimming with loads of fish. Arrive early or get a reservation if you want to avoid the wait.

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Black Mountain Distillery

Probably my least favorite place of the trip. However, the atmosphere was fun, I just wasn’t impressed with the food or drink.

Stumblina’s Cantina

  • Downtown Cave Creek
  • Great ranch water
  • Grand old school bar
  • Excellent patio for people watching

Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek: Carefree Coffee Roastery

  • Scrumptious lattes and muffins
  • Could stay all day
  • Fun coffee signs throughout

Breakfast Kitchen Bar

Breakfast Kitchen Bar has a couple locations. However, the one in Scottsdale Quarter is fun especially if you want to shop afterwards. The French toast, avocado fries, and coffee drinks were amazing.

The City Creamery

The best sundaes in Cave Creek are at the City Creamery.

Pinnacle Grill

The Pinnacle Grill is located right next to Pinnacle Peak hiking trail. We rewarded ourselves with loads of fried food after the hike. They are known for the sweet potato fries, and their Just Peachy cocktail was a dream.

More Ultimate Hiking Trails and Restaurants in Cave Creek

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