Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Georgia has a lot to offer including an abundance of scenic spots. Northern Georgia is home of many exciting places in the Blue Ridge mountains.

First, they really are blue. Secondly, there are loads of waterfalls. Last but not least, its a great winter getaway if you are living in the northern states.

We spent 6 nights in an Airbnb in the town of Blue Ridge following a fabulous 8 days in the Smoky Mountains. It was the perfect amount of time to see everything we wanted. However, most of these places were about a 30 min drive.

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Blue Ridge Lake Loop

This is a flat, quick and scenic walk above a vibrant green lake. We explored while we had some time to kill prior to checking in to our stay. This was a great way to stretch our legs from out drive from the Smoky mountains.

  • Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains lake blue ridge
  • Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains lake blue ridge
  • Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains lake blue ridge

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Fall Branch Falls

Fall Branch Falls is a highly trafficked and easy trail to a 30 foot waterfall. For example, we made the trek on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed with people.

We continued the trail passed the waterfall and barely saw another person. We decided to turn around when each step was slippery from gobs of mud.

Benton MacKaye Trail

A portion of the Benton MacKaye trail was just down the road from our Airbnb on Cherry Lake. This trail spans 300 miles and 3 states. We crossed cool bridges and railroad tracks. It also followed the rolling river, and had many trail markers.

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Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Long Creek Falls

Long Creek Falls is one for the exciting places in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This trail is accessible from the Appalachian trail, Benton MacKaye trail, Duncan Ridge Trail, or park right next to the trailhead like we did for the easiest experience.

We made this trek on a slightly rainy day and saw very few people. When we arrived to the waterfall we hiked down from the top of it. It is obviously slick on the rock around it. Therefore, do not fall down the waterfall. We were lucky to have the waterfall all to ourselves which was a benefit of going during a gloomy mid-week day.

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Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls is a seven-tier 729 foot waterfall in a Georgia State Park. This is the tallest waterfall in Georgia making it one of the exciting places in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are 10 different trails with all different levels of intensity.

We parked at the lower lot and took the 604 metal grate stairs up to the top. However, if that sounds too difficult there is also a parking lot at the top to view the waterfall without doing any stairs.

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Exciting Places in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Toccoa River Swinging Bridge

The Toccoa River Swinging Bridge is 270 feet long making it one of the longest swinging bridges East of the Mississippi River.

It is along the Benton MacKaye trail. In addition, there is a parking lot to access it quickly by foot. The road to get there is rough and we recommend a 4 wheel drive vehicle. However, there were a few cars that made the journey even though we are not sure how.

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Downtown Blue Ridge

Start the day with a sandwich of your choice at the Trailer Drive In. Second, walk the shops and support small buisness if you can. Lastly, take in the history in the park next to the old rail road.

Shaka Alpaca

This Alpaca Farm is full of excitement. We started out the day by feeding the chickens and collecting some eggs from the coop to bring home with us. Then, we got to feed mama goat and hold two of her adorable babies.

After being introduced to other goats, feeding, and petting them we continued the day by feeding some of the Alpacas. We were told that it builds trust fun us to take them on a walk around the farm. It worked like a charm because our walk was very therapeutic.

The grounds were beautiful with views of mountains in the background. All of the animals were loved and treated like royalty. We also felt extra special for getting a private tour.

Lastly, we were brought to their gift shop. This adorable shop was chalk full of goodies. We brought home some fresh honey from their bees and very flavorful salsa.

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