Easy Water Sport Rentals on the Kickapoo River

Floating on the Kickapoo River is a must when traveling to the driftless region of Wisconsin. Get quick and easy water sport rentals on the Kickapoo River with Drifty’s Canoe Rental.

The Driftless Region of Wisconsin includes two of our favorite small towns Viroqua and Sparta. Satisfy your adventurous side by hiking in Wildcat Mountain State Park, biking the Elroy-Sparta State Trail, and cruise on the Kickapoo river.

Achieve the ultimate cozy farm experience in Sparta by making the Grapevine Log cabins your home base for your stay.

Easy Water Sport Rentals on the Kickapoo river

Drifty’s allows you to rent inter tubes, double kayaks, single kayaks, and canoes the same day with many options of time frames for as long as you want to cruise down the river. As a result, they also offer life jackets for safety.

Drifty’s has continual shuttles and many pick up points along the river when you are ready to stop paddling. They offer same day rentals, but call ahead to insure they have the rental of your preference.

Even better, bring your own water sport device! However, you will need to find a way back to your car.

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Easy to Travel with Inflatable Water Sports

Double Kayak

Paddle Board

Inter Tube

Electric Pump

Waterproof Bag and Cellphone Case

Life Jacket

Our Experience on the Kickapoo

The large sign and spacious parking lot attracted us to Drifty’s Canoe rental after a morning of exploring in Sparta. We did not reserve a time spot or kayak. However, we got lucky to get the kayaks we wanted. We chose the double kayak with a quick 2 hour rental and hit the water. The 2 hour rental was an easy decision since we got started later in the day.

They do not have bathrooms to change in. Therefore, we changed in the nearby bathroom of the local gas station. However, changing at our airbnb would have been the best option.

Once we hit the water our sidekick, Lori @urbanwilderness came to our rescue with taking all of our photos since we forgot our waterproof cases.

The bluffs along the river were beautiful, and there are many sand bars to get off to rest. We passed other people enjoying the river on inter tubes and kayaks.

Unfortunately, we got caught on the rocks many times due to low spots in the water (July is a dry time of year). As a result, Damion had to get in to the river and push us out of the rocks.

We must have kayaked very quickly because in a little more than one hour we arrived at the suggested two hour spot. Our decision to exit and luck was in our favor with a shuttle bus within 5 minutes.

We will absolutely be going back with our recently purchased inflatable double kayak and road bikes to adventure more.

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