Ultimate Farm Experience in Sparta

Book your stay at the Grapevine Log Cabins for the ultimate farm experience in Sparta. The cabins offer hiking trails, friendly kitties, pettable cows, and a thoughtful stay.

Sparta Wisconsin is famous for being the bicycling capital of the world with the Elroy-Sparta State Trail. Kayaking/tubing/canoing the Lacrosse River is also a must do.

If you love to hike like we do, Wildcat Mountain State Park is a short drive away. The Ice Cave trail is quick trek to see a natural wonder. Additionally, go for a wine tasting and pizza at Branches Winery.

Cabin Stay

Front porch sitting is quintessential to farm life. Therefore, staying in “The little house on the prairie” is essential for the ultimate farm experience.

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Cows and Kitties on the Ultimate Farm Experience

The cabins are located on the edge of a gorgeous dairy farm. Watch the cows eat dinner, lick your hand, and love on them. They enjoy attention, but watch out for the electric fence.

There is also the most well kept kitties roaming around. I am pretty sure they all are indoor/outdoor cats. They followed us on hikes and purred to our belly rubs.

Farm Grounds

The farmers are dedicated to the work they do. They work morning to night and even on weekends. We got to see them take care of the cows, load corn, and bail hay. This farm is on a fantastic spot of land, and they take pride in what they do.

Hiking Trail

One of the kitties hiked with us the first night we arrived just like she was a dog. We had to turn around before we finished the trail due to the sun going down. Therefore, I included a flashlight below.

The trails were full of wild animals including turkeys at night!

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Showcase your Ultimate Farm Experience

Who doesn’t like a good cut out photo opportunity? This is especially great if you travel with friends.

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Things to See Nearby

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