Exciting Places to See around Lacrosse

There are a variety of exciting places to see around Lacrosse. It is home of the largest 6 pack of beer and a bluff side park with expansive views.

Lacrosse Wisconsin is a gorgeous two hour drive from the Twin Cities. Winona Minnesota is also a quick drive from these fun spots.

This summer we decided we would try to see all the top spots of Winona and Lacrosse in one day. It was a busy day full of adventure, but we proved that it is possible.

Exciting Places to see around Lacrosse: Largest 6 Pack of Beer

This is something that instantly pops up when you search things to do in Lacrosse. We love to drink beer and had to take advantage of this opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

You can see how big these are by comparing them to the cars parked next to them.

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Road Trip Essentials

Hot and Cold Tumbler

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Rock in the House

In 1995, a 55 ton boulder rolled in to this waterfront house. A man bought the damaged house, and turned it in to a roadside attraction.

This is technically in the small town of Fountain City. However, worth the extra drive time. The address to this house is 440 North Shore Drive Fountain City WI. Don’t forget to leave a couple dollars to keep this attraction going for others to see.

When we arrived we parked in the driveway. There was nobody in sight as we walked around taking photos. If you want to read more about the history of this house we found this article fascinating.

Pettibone Park

This park lies along the Mississippi River known for its beach and frisbee golf course.

We stopped here for a picnic with our friends from Chicago. We picked up food from Dublin Square Pub and devoured it as we sat next to the water. The french fries were crisp and the Philly cheese steak was full of flavor.

We were excited to see eagles soar above the river. After lunch the boys tossed the football before we hit the road. This was a great stop on a fall day full of colorful foliage.

Park Fun

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Outlook from Grandads Bluff is another Exciting place to see around Lacrosse

This large park has a huge parking lot for visitors. It is way up in the bluffs allowing you to see for miles on a clear day.

When we arrived it was one of the last stops and 100 degrees outside. We decided not to stay long since we had our two pups with us. However, this would be an excellent place to put a picnic blanket down and enjoy the views all day long.

Pavillion at Grandads Bluff

The road twists and turns as you make your way up the bluff with views of the American flag on top of the pavilion the entire way. This is an excellent place for shelter on a hot day.

Grandads Bluff History in the Park

Since it was steamy outside I quickly snapped photos of these. In all honestly I didn’t bother to read much until we cooled down in the air conditioning. Who knew there would be a ton of history in the park.

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  1. The 6 pack of beer looks like a neat place to see. It is also really neat to see how nature can change things like that rock in the house.

  2. Those are great places not too far from me! I love MN because you can find fun spots to go and explore without traveling too long. Bluffs are always nice to visit ; )

    1. That’s fun! I love the view so relaxing and beautiful. That 6 pack of beer is awesome and so tall. I’d love to visit that place someday.

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