Greatest Hike in Red Wing

Barn Bluff is the greatest hike in Red Wing Minnesota. This bluff towers 400 feet above the Mississippi River, and also overlooks Lake Pepin.

Parking is kind of a cluster and most people park on the side of the road. This will add a bit to your hike unless you go early in the morning or you get lucky with someone leaving as you arrive.

For a scenic drive and more hiking trails travel down the Great River Road for a day trip to Winona Minnesota.

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Hiking Favorites


The new stairs to get to the trail are roped off and under construction. However, you can’t miss the dirt path not far down the road. This path will take you to the same hiking spots.


The Trail on the Greatest Hike in Red Wing

The new stairs to get to the trail are roped off and under construction. However, there is a dirt path taking you to the same spot just down the road.

Scenic Views

 There is a hill with an American flag and trails all around it. These were my favorite views. From up top you can watch a plethora of boats cruise up and down the river. The greenery is abundant in the summer and the fall is a great time to see the leaves change colors.

Rock Climbing Along the Greatest Hike in Red Wing

Many climbers come from all around to climb the many routes along the bluff.

As we walked along the trail we saw people enjoying the beautiful day. Some people even brought hammocks to relax in.

Trail Gear



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12 thoughts on “Greatest Hike in Red Wing

  1. I love the trails and the spectacular views! The rock climbing looks pretty cool too. And it’s good that you mentioned the detail about the parking. That’s good to know!

  2. This is definitely a great hike. The scenic view is such a good treat, makes the whole walk totally worth it 🙂

  3. Wow this looks awesome! I love hiking. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Minnesota but I’ve heard it’s such a beautiful state!

  4. I’ve never heard of Red Wing, but it looks like a beautiful place to hike. The views are pretty wonderful too!

    1. This looks so beautiful and relaxing. I love hiking and this place seems perfect for a family day in nature. Will add to my places to visit list.

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