Things to See in the Summer at Como Lake

Walk Como Lake for views of flowers, a man made waterfall, and end your day with an ice cream treat on the gigantic patio of the pavilion. Peruse our many photos of things to see in the summer at Como Lake.

Como Lake is a perfect spot to unwind after a long day in Downtown Saint Paul, and is ideal in the summer months. However, we often go to simply walk the lake.

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Walk the Lake

This is a quick and flat 1.6 mile easy stroll along side the Como Lake. The lake also a relaxing spot for non-motorized watersports.

During every season the city maintains this path for walking even after it snows. As a result, it is a great spot to get some exercise in the winter months. However, if you happen to be in the area during the fall it is a fantastic place for leaf peeping.

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Flowers along Como Lake in the Summer

The flowers are just one of the many beautiful things to see on a summer day at Como Lake.

The City of St Paul placed “Skyrises” along a few bodies of water. These works of art are utilized for research to help increase the bee population.

Thing to See in the Summer at Como Lake: Hamm Memorial Water Falls

This man made waterfall was inspired and dedicated to the President of Hamm Brewing Co. William Hamm Sr. The soothing waterfall typically flows most of the summer.

Relax in the Park

Pavillion and Restaurant

The restaurant Dock and Paddle offers ice cream treats and shade to cool off. There is indoor and outdoor seating for any type of weather.

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  1. Oh wow!! This is definitely beautiful and so homely. The flowers and scenery are so amazing. I bet it is super peaceful

  2. This is beautiful! It looks like it would be such a fun activity with my dog Tyson. He absolutely loves walks. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I am around St. Paul!

  3. The best part of this experience is when your dogs are always enjoying the whole view! They both seems happy dogs! Those flowers are gorgeous too.

  4. The flower path is so beautiful! Also love how the path towards the lake end. What I would give to take a trip to Como Lake!

  5. Lake Como looks great for summer walks around it. I like to go for walks in nature. All those flowers and plants around it make it even more peaceful.

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