Fun Activities in Winona Minnesota

Hike the bluffs, take in the river side art, and relax next to Lake Winona. Spend a day enjoying the many fun activities in Winona Minnesota.

In a short two hour drive you will arrive in the town of Winona. It is a day trip favorite from the Twin Cities. Take the Great River Road for a scenic drive with many outlooks.

In this article, we will help you plan your day. Strap on your hiking boots and bring your picnic basket for an excellent day of activities.

Garvin Heights Lookout

Out of all the spots in Winona this one undoubtedly has fabulous views. There is a large parking lot with port-a-potties to use when you arrive after the two hour drive.

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Hiking Esssentials

Gavin Heights Trail

We took the many stairs to the Lower Garvin Heights park. None of the stairs are evenly spaced. Therefore, this hike is moderate and steep.

This is an excellent way to immerse yourself in nature. However, when you arrive to the bottom it drops you out on a road with a small parking lot. In conclusion, the scenic things to see are all at the top where you start.

After hiking our way back up we felt like our workout of the day was fulfilled. I even had to stop close to the top to catch my breath before finishing the hike.

Hiking Essentials with your pup

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Lake Winona

There are many activities on lake Winona. First of all, there is a 5.9 mile loop path encircling the lake. Secondly, there is a large Winona sign for a great Instagram photo opp. Third of all, there are many spots to put down a blanket and read in the park. In conclusion, stop for a quick selfie or stay all day.

Relax at Lake Winona

Hike Sugar Loaf

Keep your eyes peeled and subscribe below for our review on the hike from Sugar Loaf to Garvin Heights.

This is one of the top hikes in Winona Minnesota. Therefore, the views from up there is fantastic and worth the effort.

Levee Park

With ample public parking this is the best place to stop for a walk the Mississippi River and Main Street.

In the summer the flowers are bright and abundant. The path goes passed the old bridge if you choose to walk that far.

Walk Historic Downtown for a fun activity in Winona Minnesota

This is an adorable town with brick buildings and historic architecture. Therefore, take the time to park at Levee Park and take a stroll down main street.

Fun activities in Winona Minnesota, Enjoy Art in Levee Park

The colorful murals and sculptures make for a free and fun thing to see. This is in a bit from the river and a great spot to turn around and walk to your car.

Blooming Grounds Coffee House

Not only is this spot cute, but they have fabulous Caramel Lattes. The decor of string lights and the assortment of tea pots make this place unique. However, the patio is perfect for people watching.

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  1. I’ve never been to this area before. I know I’d like the hiking trails. Plus being the water. It looks so peaceful.

  2. I love the art part in the Levee Park! I love collecting photos with murals, so it would be a perfect spot for a weekend trip for me! Thank you for this recommendation. 🙂

  3. I love the artsy vibes of Levee Park and the super cool coffee house. I’m a huge fan of hiking and I do it on a regular basis. I love these hiking trails in Garvin Heights. Is it hiking season all year long in MN? Here in Florida it runs from late September to April. Maybe I can plan a trip to MN when It’s off-season over here 🙂

  4. the place looks so much fun to walk in. I bet my pups and better half would love it too

  5. I think the trail would be a great place to go hiking. I do love natural areas and the views must have been lovely. Great to get some exercise.

  6. One of my friends live in Minnesota, I had been there only once but couldnt go out for long time. I had never been winona side. It looks beautiful and really good for a walk!

  7. The art looks so beautiful! I”ve never been to Minnesota but my cousin lived there a while and said it was really nice. I would love to visit

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