Free Things to See in Downtown Saint Paul

There are many free things to see in Downtown Saint Paul. You can explore the expansive parks, historic spots, and impressive views of the Mississippi river.

Our favorite time to take a stroll is April through October. However, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival is also an excellent time to visit. They host new events each day. There are ice sculptures, live music, and an ice rink. It is very enjoyable as long as you bundle up.

Park for free at the meters on Sundays. Otherwise, pay the meters with ease using the park mobile app.

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Bundle up for the Winter Carnival

The Saint Paul Hotel

The Saint Paul Hotel is luxurious and historical. It’s location is perfect for a walk around downtown Saint Paul. It is next to the landmark center, and Rice Park.

If you visit in the summer time the multiple arbors of blooming flowers will make you smile. Pop in for a drink at the bar for a cheap way to see the inside.

Comfortable Shoes for Walking the City

The Beautiful Rice Park

This recently refurbished park is in the heart of downtown. It is known for its location and the large fountain. The original fountain was built in 1922.

Though time has changed the park it will always be one of our favorite spots to visit in Saint Paul. This perfect spot for a picnic and people watching.

This historic park also has Peanuts cartoon characters scattered in the park. Charles Shultz, the man behind of the Peanuts gang was a St. Paul native. After his death, statues popped up everywhere in the city honoring him.

Picnic Favorites:

Free things to see in Downtown Saint Paul (Views Along the River)

There is miles of smooth paved path along the Mississippi river. I love looking at all the potted plants and watch as the boats cruise by. Enjoy all of the free things to see in Downtown Saint Paul along the river.

Stop for a drink at the City House. The City House is a restored grain elevator turned in to restaurant. Their expansive patio overlooks the river for a relaxing break.

Noteworthy and Free things to see in Downtown Saint Paul

You could eat at at the many choices of restaurants on west 7th steet. However, the most interesting experience is in Mickey’s Diner. It is a vintage train car with all american classic foods. The shakes and malts are most popular here.

Walk around downtown Saint Paul to the Capitol

Capitol buildings around the United States fascinate me. The architecture is top notch and the history is rich.

Recently, the Christopher Colombus statue was destroyed by protesters. There has been talk about replacing it with a Prince statue since he was born and raised here. However, nothing has been decided.

Landmark Center

This grandiose building took 10 years to build and was completed in 1902.

The landmark center is great for families and has cultural events. See a play, take a walking tour, host an even, and experience their art events. Check out their website before you visit.

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