Best Malts and Popcorn in Minneapolis

Tom’s popcorn shop has the best malts and popcorn in Minneapolis. Its retro vibe and hilarious owner will keep you coming back for more.

This shop has been a local favorite since 1979. Brian now owns the shop, but many people like to call him Tom (which was his father). We have never heard him correct anyone that calls him the wrong name.

This unique shop has a convenient location off of Cedar Avenue and 47th Street. It is the perfect stop after a day exploring Minnehaha Creek, Lake Nokomis or Lake Hiawatha.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to bring cash because credit and debit is not accepted. However, the shop does have an ATM just in case.

Malts/Shakes in Minneapolis

Pick two mix ins for a wide variety of flavors.

The Oreo and hot fudge malt is my go to creation. Damion has found his favorite in the caramel and bacon malt. All of their flavors work as shakes too.

Best Popcorn in Minneapolis

The white buttery popcorn is their signature popcorn. It comes in many different sizes. The extra large size feeds up to 20 people. Share the best popcorn in Minneapolis with your friends or family at your next gathering.

The non-traditional popcorn eaters enjoy the large wall dedicated to an assortment of salty and sweet kernels of corn. For example, the sea salt double chocolate krunch is my style. The sea salt double caramel corn is right up Damion’s alley.

Delivery of Popcorn to your Home

Tom Popcorn Shop offers a shipping option for anyone. However, it is especially convenient to anyone outside of the Twin Cities area. Peruse their website to make your next purchase.

Now is the time to try the best popcorn and malts in Minneapolis!

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7 thoughts on “Best Malts and Popcorn in Minneapolis

  1. This post has made me super hungry! Thanks for sharing this article. I love a good malt, and haven’t come across a blog post that wrote about them.

  2. Wow, such a lovely place, I haven’t tried so many flavours of popcorn and would definitely have loved it. The malts look mouthwatering.

  3. This looks like such a cute little shop! I love that it’s such a personal vibe that people still call him by his father’s name and he just rolls with it – that’s too sweet. I live nowhere near Minneapolis but (when the border opens back up) we have been talking about doing a big road trip around Canada and the US. If that takes us through the area, we’ll definitely make a stop here!

  4. Wow! I grew up in Bemidji, so about 5 hours north of Minneapolis. Next time I’m visiting the city I’ll definitely have to check this place out! I can think of few things more “up my alley” 😂

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