Rich History in Minnehaha Park

Not only does this park have a waterfall and hiking trails, there is also rich history in Minnehaha Park. This guide will give you a glimpse of history in Minneapolis.

Furthermore, many of these spots also offer tours on the weekends. Make sure to call ahead or visit their website to reserve a time and day.

Longfellow House

In 1907, the Longfellow house was designed off of the Massachusetts home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The historic home now serves the community as an interpretive information center and is run by the Minneapolis Park board.

Minnehaha Depot provides history in Minnehaha Park:

This gingerbread train station was a frequent stop to many rail workers. It is also known as “the princess depot”.

John H Steven’s house moved to provide history in Minnehaha Park

This birthplace of Minneapolis was the first structured home in the city of lakes. It was built the year of 1849. It was relocated to Minnehaha Park from its original spot near St Anthony Falls in 1896.

Significant Statues around the park

The statues below provide rich history in Minnehaha Park.

  • Chief Little Crow mask was created to see the world through his eyes
  • John H Stevens was the first settler in Minneapolis and if the statue is true to size, he was a short man
  • Gunnar Wennerberg was a composer and educator, politician, and poet
  • Song of Hiawatha is a controversial poem and statue about an Ojibwa warrior in love with a Dakota women.
  • Statue of poet and educator, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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