Acres of Wildflower Gardens in the city

Explore the 15 acres of wildflower gardens in the city of Minneapolis at Theodore Wirth Park. This natural wonderland is known as the Eloise Butler Wildflower Gardens.

The gardens are open every day of the week besides Monday. The gates are open from 10 am to 7 pm (with 6:30 pm last entry) April 1st to October 15th. There are open before and after the dates above, but limited to just the weekends.

Parking in Theodore Wirth Park

The Park Mobile App is essential for parking most places within Minneapolis. This app allows you to skip the meter, track how much time you have left, and add time with ease.

Enter the Acres of Wildflower Gardens in the City of Minneapolis

As you enter they have literature, maps, and signs for anyone interested in learning more. Therefore, it is close to impossible to get lost. Pro tip: arrive early to beat the crowds.

For the time being Corona virus is a concern. They have many precautions in place for practicing safe social distancing. For example, they are only letting a small number of people into the park at a time. Secondly, the trail is only a one way with many signs to guide you. Lastly, the visitors center including the bathrooms are closed down.

Wildflowers in Eloise Wildflower Garden

My favorite part about this lush trail is the description snippets along the path. Some of the names of the flowers are perfect for them. For example, the Black-eyed Susan is creative, and paints the picture of the wildflower wonderfully.

The Trails

The trails are well groomed with some wooden boardwalks. There is one spot with a short, but steep incline. We were told most people spend an hour looking at the flowers and walking the trails in the garden.

When my mom and I hit the trails it was a 90 degree. She was wearing sandals (not ideal), and I forgot the bug spray. We walked the trail slowly and stayed in the shade to help from sweating profusely. As a result, we now know the gear we will be bringing with us on our next visit.

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Best Gear for Exploring the Acres of Wildflower Gardens in the City

Gear for Rain or shine

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  1. It looks like a wonderful spot for a family walk at the weekend! Love these gardens, all the plants look truly beautiful there! 🙂

  2. Ares like this always have a beautiful and mysterious vibe. I love these places. Wierdly I’ve been reading about Minneapolis a lot these days. May be I’ll visit there soon!

    1. Really do agree with you…Gardens and surroundings gives us the best view ever it gives so much of pleasure…

  3. I love nature. This park in Minneapolis is so beautiful. Great trails and scenery!!! Lovely🤗

  4. With the lockdown as it is, I have so realised the importance of nature and greenery around me. Lovely post!

  5. Love this!!! My husband and I are avid travelers and we love outdoors, and I especially love wildflowers. Will check this out if we get the chance! Thanks!

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