Scenic Views Around Taylors Falls

Taylors Falls is a great get away just outside the Twin Cities. Taylors Falls is a historic village on the river and home of Interstate State Park. The scenic views around Taylors Falls will leave you excited to come back for more.

Taylors Falls is a short 1 hour drive from Minneapolis. If traveling from the cities take the scenic drive through the historic town of Stillwater. There are a few overlooks along the way to stretch your legs and see gorgeous views.

Parking to enjoy scenic views around Taylors Falls

There is a parking lot inside of Interstate State Park. However, if it is a nice day and you arrive after 10 in the morning the lot will likely be full. Parking in town is typically your best bet, and who doesn’t want to stop for a treat after a day of exploring.

There is a down side of leaving your car on main street, and that is a two hour time limit. In addition, you will have to cross the busy road or cross on the sidewalk allowing you to go under the road. The sidewalk is a little out of the way, but worth your safety.

River Walk

The river walk is a short paved trail with great spots for a picnic by the river. No need to hike to enjoy this area. However, if you choose to take the stairs you will get your heart rate up.

Picnic Favorites:

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Scenic Views Around Taylors Falls: St Croix River

The St Croix river runs along one side of Taylors Falls. As we drove in to the small town we enjoyed seeing the river rush by us. As a result, you do not have to hike to see it, and can see the river from many areas in the city.

One of the most popular things to do is take a boat ride on the river.

Best Dog Hiking Gear:

Scenic Views in Taylors Falls: Glacial Potholes

The Glacial Potholes are a sight to see and getting to them is quite easy. Follow to many signs scattered throughout the State Park to find them. There are railings in many areas. Therefore, allowing for safety when visiting with a little one.

Explore Views in St Croix Falls

The St Croix River separates Minnesota from Wisconsin. St Croix Falls is on the opposite side of the St Croix river from Taylors Falls.

The St Croix Falls Dam is the best seen from the Dam Overlook. This is the only dam on the St Croix. You can see this spillway from many angles. However, the outlook is the best spot we have found.

Hiking Favorites:

Outlooks in Stillwater

We love the town of Stillwater. However, it is just a bit out of the way if your headed back to the Twin Cities. The scenic highway 95 is worth the extra time. There are many historic and scenic outlooks to pull over and stretch your legs.

Check out our Favorite Places to Visit in Stillwater

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  8. What a beautiful place. We have a local-ish place that this reminds me of. One of my good friends just moved to Minnesota. I’d love to take a ride. Never been there. Not sure how far or in which direction from Minneapolis she is though. I gotta look it up. 🙂

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