Top Travel Gear for your Pup

Top travel Gear for your Pup

Traveling with our fur babies is our favorite pass time. Road trips and day to day activities are made simple with this top travel gear for your pup.

Protect your car and make it cozy with this top travel gear for your pup

The bed is cozy and machine washable. They love taking all the naps cuddled up together. The seat belt gives us peace of mind as they are safely tethered in.

Our dogs love to run around the back seat and jump on the windows. The seat and window protector insures the car stays good as new.

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Make travel simple with this foldable and portable gear

When staying in an Airbnb or a hotel we usually take the dogs with us. If we cant we keep the dogs safely locked up in their foldable kennels.

The water bottle has a bowl attached to the top making it portable for any hike. The other containers brings ease to transporting food for a successful road trip.

Occupy your pup with these items

Our fur babies love to rip apart any stuffed animals in less than 2.2 seconds. These are the perfect items to occupy them without the mess.

Keep your pooch and the enviroment clean

Lets be honest… on of the worst parts about having a dog is picking up their poop and keeping them clean. These poop bags are great for the earth, and so are the disposable wipes.

When they get extremely dirty this puppy shampoo is the best. It makes them extremely soft and the wet dog smell is minimized as they dry.

Safety and health for your dog

Frontline is a must when your dog loves the outdoors. Nala has only had 1 tick throughout the years and Kiki 0. I give frontline all the credit.

The portable dog great is awesome for your own home keeping them out of certain rooms and easy to travel with.

The safety kit is essential in case the unthinkable happens and your pooch gets hurt far from a vet or home.

The thunder jacket is a must for any anxious pups. Unfortunately, travel can induce anxiety, but fireworks and thunder is Kiki’s worst enemy. The jacket puts pressure on her helping her feel safe.

Organize and carry all your top travel gear for your pup

I am a big fan of knowing where everything is while we travel. These bags have all the right pockets to arrange their gear in a simple way.

Favorite collars and leashes

Both dogs have squeezed out of their regular collars in the past. The sinch collar insures that can’t happen.

The rope leash is great for strong pullers like our Kiki B, but the waist leash is great for our sweet Nala Bear that just wants to smell everything as we walk.

The retractable is fantastic for something quick like letting them out to do their business.

Ease for walking two pups

occasionally, there is only one of us and two doggos to walk. The spliter is fantastic if you don’t want to buy a new leash but the rope with the tether is the right size and the bungees are much better for pups that pull.

No Fence, No Problem

When traveling to a place that doesn’t have a fence these invisible options are fantastic. These are also great for someone that doesn’t have a fence in their own yard to keep the pup from wandering.

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  1. Great list. I don’t have a dog but I will definitely share this to all dog lovers.

  2. RhNk you for the suggestions! What a great list of products to make traveling easier for people!

  3. Such a thorough list! I purchased the water bottle, car protectors, and leashes nearly 1 year ago, and all have all held up great with my two pups. Now that my husband and I are taking them longer adventures, I’m excited to get the organization bag as well!

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