Favorite Places to Visit in Stillwater

The historic town of Stillwater Minnesota is only a half hour from the Twin Cities. Anytime of year is a good time to visit. However, we enjoy the summer the best. Undoubtedly, we share our favorite places to visit in Stillwater.

Made Coffee is one of our Favorite Places to Visit in Stillwater

You will find Made Coffee connected to the unique Lora Hotel. This place oozes charm. Grab a freshly roasted coffee, and hang out by the fire on a chilly day.

Favorite Places to Visit in Stillwater: Best Spot for Downtown Views

Adjacent to Made Coffee is a long and steep staircase. This brings you to a neighborhood of gorgeous homes. As a result, showcasing the best views of downtown Stillwater. However, be aware many locals use the stairs for a routine work out.

St Croix Vineyards

Vineyard, brewery, and goat farm all in one stop. What more can we say… actually a lot! Click here to read more about St Croix Vineyards.

Historic Downtown

Not only is it Historic, but it is cute at all times of the year. Off of Main Street, is one of our favorite places to visit in Stillwater, Smith and Made Mercantile. This shop supports local small businesses, and regularly host miscellaneous craft events. Don’t forget to check their calendar to see what they are up to before you arrive.

St. Croix River Valley Outlook

In the small town of Oak Park Heights off of highway 95 is a limestone wall built to overlook the St Croix River Valley. This is an excellent spot to see it all, with a birds eye view of the new Stillwater bridge.

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31 thoughts on “Favorite Places to Visit in Stillwater

  1. I’d love to visit the vineyard and taste their wines. My brother is a wine broker and has introduced to a whole new world!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I have never been to Minnesota so this will be a nice road trip for me and honestly…traveling the continental US is my absolute favorite thing. I am obsessed with road trips and seeing this great country!

  3. Stillwater seems to be an amazing place to visit! I have never been to Minnesota, I have added it to my bucket list of places to visit once the pandemic is gone!

  4. I’ve never been here before, but it looks so nice! I especially like the historic downtown area and supporting small businesses. It seems like a really fun time!

  5. wow..these places seems to be very mesmerizing and amazing to visit and explore..loved the photography and it sounds like you had great time there..Thanks for sharing this..Great work..

  6. I’m dying to visit coffee places again. This all looks so nice. I’ve not been out of my village in 4 months so I’m craving travelling anywhere – even to the local shop!!!

  7. I love finding local coffee places so I’m glad you included one in this post! Also, that bridge overlook must be incredible in person!

  8. The coffee place looks so cozy! Especially with the snow and the fire pit. I haven’t been to Minnesota yet but it looks gorgeous!

  9. I have been wanting to check out the Lora Hotel because one of my client’s is basing her design for her remodel on the inside. I have heard great things! It’s good to know I would have an excuse to walk around and try out Made Coffee too.

  10. My mom was able to visit Stillwater during her vacation in Wisconsin. They took a 3hr drive from Madison but she said it was worth it. She said one of her favorite things about Stillwater is the beautiful collection of Victorian homes. Hopefully, I can visit Stillwater in the future. I would love to try the Made Coffee 😋

  11. I am going to add Stillwater in my bucket list of travel once this pandemic is better and life gets back to normal. Thanks for sharing all the information.

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