The best time of year to hike to discover the Hidden Falls is in the spring just after a heavy rainfall and all the snow is done melting. This park has 6.7 miles of paved paths and more unpaved trails. It is a real gem in the city of St Paul that you have to explore.

Location to discover the Hidden Falls

The Hidden falls is conveniently located directly off of Mississippi River Boulevard Parkway in St Paul. There is a free parking lot close to the stone stairs if your lucky enough to get a spot. There are multiple trails that lead down to the waterfall, but the stairs are by far the easiest.

There is also an abundance of parking lots located down in to the North and South gate. This will take you further away from the waterfall to enjoy more of a hike in to see it.

Trails leading you to discover the Hidden Falls from the North Gate Parking Lot

Hiking directly to the waterfall upon arrival? From the North Gate parking lot you will see the large pavilion. There are mulitple trails behind it. Any of these trails will send you on the right path to the Hidden Falls. To insure you are going the right way, the river should be on your left hand side.

You will come across many small beaches off of the river. On a hot day bring your swim suit to cool off with a swim or simply dip your feet in.

Cross the bridge and stay along the Mississippi river for a short distance. There will be a trail to the right to take. It tends to be a little more narrow and rugged, but still a mild hike. This path will lead you along a stream to the waterfall after you pass the cute mouse house.

Once you arrive, many people choose to jump in. Remember that its very slimy and slippery. Water shoes are recommended. Therefore, if you wear Keen hiking sandals it allows you to hike and trek through water without swapping out your shoes.

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Other Trails/Paths

There is a great path along the Mississippi River to the left of the pavilion. This path continues until it finally leads to the river road. we enjoy walking all the way until it meets up and then walking the river road back to check out the beautiful houses.

Outlook on Mississippi River Boulevard

The upper portion of the river road has some great outlooks with gorgeous skyline views. The separate bike path makes this is an excellent place to bike too.

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