Explore the Top 10 Parks in Minneapolis

Explore the top 10 parks in Minneapolis, the city of lakes. Each have different scenic spots to explore, therefore making each of them unique.

Minneapolis is well known for the expansive park system, therefore was ranked number one for park systems in the nation. The city took its crown back in 2020 from Washington DC who took the title in 2019.

Park Facts:

In the 2020 statistic, 98 percent of residents live within a 10 minute walk of a park. Therefore, up by 2 percent from last year when it was at 96 percent.

Parks are excellent for people of all ages. First of all, many parks are rich with history. Secondly, they provide ample space to people watch, have a picnic, or read a book. Last but not least, they provide a way to exercise in the fresh air with scenery all around.

It is not a surprise when we heard the city of Minneapolis get 26 million visitors to the parks annually.

Playgrounds are a hot commodity for those with kiddos. There are 180 properties of park land, and most of them have at least one playground per property.

Highlights when Exploring the Top 10 Parks in Minneapolis:

  • Multiple waterfalls
  • Mississippi river
  • 7 golf courses
  • multiple hiking trails
  • 22 lakes
  • 51 miles of Grand Rounds scenic biking trails
  • Minnehaha Creek
  • Almost 7,000 acres of park land
  • 12 Gardens
  • 55 miles of parkways

In conclusion, Minneapolis Parks were voted number one in the nation 7 out of the last 8 years for a reason. See what parks made our cut, and explore the top 10 parks in Minneapolis.

In absolutely no specific order:

1. Minnehaha Park

Waterfall, hiking trails, historic sites, gardens, as a result, there is something for everyone when you explore this top 10 park in Minneapolis.

2. Nokomis Park

80s fitness equipment, large lake, two beach areas, and multiple playgrounds are just a few reasons to visit.

3. Gold Medal Park

Sculptures, art, views of the Mississippi river, and a spot to relax downtown.

4. Mill Ruins Park

This park is unique. For example, the ruins are from old flour mills provided many residents with jobs way back when. Also, take note of the massive stone archways and skyline views from this spot.

5. Mississippi River Regional Park

Hike along the one and only river gorge along the Mississippi, yes please. In conclusion, there are an abundance of parks you will find along the way.

6. Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Sundials, roses, water fountains all next to the gorgeous Lake Harriet. Need I say more?

7. Boom Island Park

Enjoy views of the Minneapolis skyline. More importantly, the only lighthouse in Minneapolis at this spacious park.

8. Loring Park

This downtown park with a pond hosts the Holidazzle every winter. However, in the summer the greenery will amaze you.

9. Sheridan Memorial Park

The purpose of this park, honors Minnesota veterans with this art piece of shields that lights up reflecting over the river at night.

10. Theodore Wirth Park

Theodore Wirth Park is almost the same size as Central park in New York city, however there is not a zoo located inside. Enjoy the golf course, trails, and my favorite the wild flower garden.

Enjoy the all the parks with these fun activities:

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