Nokomis Beach Coffee Serves Visitors to Lake Nokomis

Lake Nokomis Beach Coffee serves all visitors and locals of Lake Nokomis. It is located just up the hill from the small beach, at the cross streets of 50th street and 28th avenue in Minneapolis.

There is nothing like stopping for a White Mocha at Nokomis Beach Coffee and taking a walk around Lake Nokomis. When I am in need of a caffeine fix on a hot day they also make a scrumptious iced caramel latte.

Nokomis Beach Coffee serves all locals of Lake Nokomis regularly. Each time we arrive we feel important. They will even prepare our order ahead of time when we call by phone.

The outdoor patio is a great place to hang back after a long day at the lake. People regularly work from the patio, however many people come to chat. Therefore, do not forget to bring noise cancelling headphones if your easily detracted like me.

Nokomis Beach Coffee Serves:

Nokomis Beach Coffee is an excellent spot for visitors of Lake Nokomis looking for a bite to eat with their assortment of sandwiches and bakery items, you can’t go wrong.

The also have Sebastian Joes ice cream, filling your sweet tooth cravings. If you enjoy rich flavors they often carry the Nicollet Pothole. It is chocolaty goodness that literally melts in your mouth.

The patio is dog friendly, however your dog must be friendly also. Our pups love the water bowls that are regularly left out to quench their thirst, and many people come by to pet them.

Other local businesses that also serve visitors and locals of Lake Nokomis:

Next door to this coffee shop is the Nokomis Beach Gallery, Nokomis Hair Design salon, and Laughing Waters Gift Shop.

Regularly, the coffee shop rotates the art work display. In conclusion, go inside to see all the gorgeous photographs they display in support of the neighboring business.

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Gear for working at a Nokomis Beach Coffee:

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  1. How much desire and beauty in a normality that I have never appreciated as much as now.

  2. I love our city of Mpls! We’ve recently been hit with challenges in hopes of justice with George Floyd… I’ll have to make my way to Nokomis Beach Coffee soon, I love a good coffee!

  3. such a cosy looking cafe, i like such places which give personalised attention to their customers and make you feel comfortable and welcomed

  4. it’s a big joy for me to stop by for a coffee during the travels. thanks for posting this, it makes want to travel more

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