Hottest areas to Photograph in Miami

There are alot of things to love about Miami. All of the bright colors and art make it an excellent place to photograph. In this article we will share the hottest areas to photograph in Miami.

Miami is full of beaches, culture, malls, breweries, and soooo many delicious places to eat. As a result, we captured them all for you to experience along with us.

We hope you enjoy all of our pictures as much as we liked taking them.

Use the best camera phone in the hottest areas to photogragh in Miami:

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Hottest areas to photograph in Miami: South Point Park and Pier

Gorgeous views with many local cats roaming around. As a result, walking around even on a cloudy day was exciting.

Little Havana

This neighborhood has the best cigars in town. In conclusion, go for the pictures and stay for the cigars.

Brickell Centre

Shopping centre built over downtown Miami. However, the design district was a fun place to shop also.

South Beach

The best area to people watch in Miami. It may be tricky to park here, but it is worth the hassle.

Design District

Fanciest shopping in Miami

Wynwood Walls

The most colorful spot in Miami.

Miami Eats

Havana Market located in Little Havana

Itamae located in the Design District

Mamma Mia Gelato located in South Beach

Concrete Beach Brewery located in Wynwood

Tap 42 located in the Design District

Gelato To-Go is a chain Gelato Shop

Burgers n Shakes located in North Beach

Purchase our favorite wi-fi capable camera, and head to the hottest areas to photograph in Miami:

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36 thoughts on “Hottest areas to Photograph in Miami

  1. When we go to a place on vacation we all want to know the best spots for photos. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Little Havana looks so colorful, definitely a great place to go and take photos at. Reminds me of my trip to Cuba.

  3. Your posts always make me long to go travel again! I can’t wait for the whole crazy thing to be over so we can get moving again!

  4. I love, love love Miami! It’s one of my favorite places. The food is absolutely wonderful and I miss it! These spots are stunning. You’ve given me some ideas for future shoots, thank you!

  5. I’ve never been to Miami, but always wanted to go. The furthest I’ve been into Florida is Tampa. We always love the beaches and checkout out restaurants and nearby attractions. It seems like Miami has a lot to offer! Your photos are great!

  6. Every place was better than the last one! I really loved the South Beach and Design District. And all of the food looks amazing.

  7. Miami is one of my fave place I want to visit someday. and those areas are instagramable.

  8. It looks like there are so many pretty places to photograph in Miami, all different. I like the pier area and little Havana.

  9. The pictures are absolutely awesome. It is pretty obvious that Miami is such a great place to visit.

  10. Wonderful..Glad you shared this amazing photos. I am a travel bug and looking forward to experiencing Miami later this year this

  11. Miami sounds really an amazing and lovely place to visit and explore…These all areas looks much stunning and nice..Thanks for sharing the ideas and tips..Great work…

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