Urban Forage Winery and Cider House

From Dandelion Wine to Gin Botanical Cider, Urban Forage has it all.

We arrived at this this cozy winery in the heart of Minneapolis to celebrate my 30th birthday.

We all decided to share the different varieties of wine and cider flights with our friends. The dandelion was horrendous, while the Louise (white) wine was scrumptious.

I guess I am a true Midwestern lady because they describe the Louise as a true Midwestern dry wine.

There is no added preservatives, and everything is gluten-free. They even deliver within the close-by cities.

They use local orchards to hand pick their fruit. They harvest their own hops, and use flowers as they become accessible.

Let them know if you have fruit or flowers to contribute to their harvest, and they will come pick them for you (even Dandelions 😉).

11 thoughts on “Urban Forage Winery and Cider House

  1. That is an interesting approach to drinks. I have noticed that foraging is becoming more and more of a gastronomic trend lately.

  2. I’m a midwestern lady as well and love my dry wine! And I agree about the dandelion. My dad used to make it, and I never cared for it that much.

  3. There is a wonderful little place in the city that does flight boards of different beers. My partner loved it! Sadly they’ve had to close due to COVID-19.

  4. Dandelion wine sounds so interesting! This looks like a fun place. Breweries usually are! It looks so inviting.

  5. I miss the wine tasting whenever we travel. I haven’t taste dandelion wine! I’m curious how they make them.

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