Be Inspired at Creators Cup Coffee House

Its a true gem when you stumble along a coffee shop that is in collaboration with other small and local businesses. You are sure to be inspired at Creators Cup Coffee House.

One Sunday morning, Damion offered to drive me to brunch with girlfriends at Buttered Tin. If you know me at all, I despise driving and couldn’t pass that up. He told me he had work to do, and he would find a coffee shop in the meantime. He insisted that I stay with my friends as long as I want.

I kept my eyes peeled for a close by coffee shop as we drove passed Buttered Tin looking for parking. Creators Cup Coffee House was directly across the street. We hit the jackpot!

After my brunch, I popped in to check it out, and catch up with Damion. Indeed, this place was not just a normal coffee shop.

You Will Be Inspired at Creators Cup Coffee House:

From couches to kitchen tables, there is an excessive amount of different types of places to sit.

There is a gift shop selling a variety of unique items. Therefore, you are bound to find a little something for anyone there.

They have art scattered throughout the space made by local artists. There is even an art gallery, and studio to take a class at.

Furthermore, I was also informed that they have yoga, medatation, and live music by the sign out front.

In conclusion, this space is bound to get your creative juices flowing. It is in the heart of the Lowertown neighborhood of St Paul, not far from the beloved Rice Park.

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Gear for working at Creators Cup Coffee house:

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11 thoughts on “Be Inspired at Creators Cup Coffee House

  1. I’m a coffee-lover and I would love to be at this wonderful place! I would be very inspired to do my work here. How I wish we had something as cool as Creators Cup Coffee House.

  2. I just love coffee although i am not addicted to it but still its on my first priority…Its amazing…great work….

  3. I always give priority to local businesses who support others in the local community. I enjoyed the write up and that place looks like a hell of a place to enjoy a coffee with the corner aspect overlooking a huge crossroad.

  4. What a cool spot! I used to work in Lowertown and would often have breakfast at The Buttered Tin so this must be new because I hadn’t heard of it before now. I always love finding spots like this to meet clients, so I will have to check it out once things open back up!

  5. Looks like a great place to stop! Our two local shops both collaborate with local artists as well and I just love that concept too.

  6. What an interesting and intriguing place. I hate coffee but I w love the giraffe and the idea of taking classes

  7. I love coffee too and enjoy working out of local cafes withgreat wifi. I Also like how easy to read your article is– it’s greatly appreciated.

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