Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Tasting at St Croix Vineyards

The most fun wine, chocolate and cheese tasting at St Croix Vineyards in Stillwater Minnesota. Enjoy the farm, brewery and beautiful land.

Our friends from Chicago came in to town to celebrate our girlfriends birthday with a wine, chocolate and cheese tasting at St Croix Vineyards.

They gave us refillable glasses and allowed us to move at our own pace. Our group was able to stay together as we put the delicious goodness of my three favorite things in our bodies. Every single wine, cheese and chocolate combination was well thought out, and put together to intensify the taste of each thing.

The other highlight to this visit, was the cute goats. The ones that enjoyed being pet stuck their heads out for you to touch them right away. Even though it was a cold day I could have stayed outside loving on them forever.

More info on the property

St Croix Vineyards resides on the land of Aamodt’s farm located just west of Stillwater’s downtown main street. This vineyard took root in 1992 and now is a staple to the local community.

They host a variety of events if chocolate and cheese isn’t your style:

  • 4th of July Event
  • Art Festival
  • Wine Run
  • Grape Stomp
  • Halloween costume and tarrot card reading
  • Live music every Saturday (June – August)
  • Free 30 minute tour on the weekends at noon (April – August)

Check their website to learn more.

Is beer more your style? The cider press was put to work after harvesting the apple crop in 2016 and the Aamodt family began Thor’s Hard Cider brewery.

When my photo loving bestie @urbanwilderness and I get together she takes all the pictures! I stole these gorgeous photos from her (with her permission of course).

11 thoughts on “Wine, Chocolate and Cheese Tasting at St Croix Vineyards

  1. This sounds like such a fun visit! I can’t wait to be able to go back to places like this after COVID but I think it’ll be some time before we’re able to do that sadly.

  2. These types of events and occasions really stimulate me a lot as I find it interesting to try new tastes and learn the right combinations.

  3. Wine, Cheese and Chocolate, that’s the whole world in itself, what more can one ask for. These three things are literally what I dig for at any given time. Especially chocolates and cheese is something I can never give up on.

  4. Looks like you had such a great time visiting that place. I love that they have animals too. Could be fun to visit this place with kids.

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