Best Free Conservatory in Minnesota

The best free conservatory in Minnesota is at the Como Park Zoo. Inside the full glass enclosed conservatory is 2 acres of flowers and plants.

Como park is located close to the State Fair grounds in Saint Paul. The Saint Paul park board owns and operates Como zoo 365 days of the year.

Things to see at The Conservatory at Como Park Zoo

Inside the glass dome there is a rainforest, sunken garden, palm dome, orchid house, bonsai collection, fern room, enchanted garden, and ordway garden.

The flowers flow outdoors during the mild seasons of the year. Scattered though the park grounds are the expansive and lush gardens. For example, the circle garden, Lily pond, centennial garden, the ajar gates, water garden, and excedra.

Fun Facts

  • The lush Conservatory is one of the only places to see flowers in the middle of a Minnesota winter.
  • The park hosts wedding and events inside the conservatory bringing in just under 2 million visitors a year.
  • They are federally funded, however, they rely on voluntary donations to help make their facilities better for everyone including the animals.

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Thing to Bring with to the Zoo

Backpack Purse

Water Bottle with Straw


Visit the Outside Gardens in the Summer at the Best and Free Conservatory in Minnesota

First, check out the ducks as they float in the ponds. Secondly, take in some of the biggest and brightest lily pads in Minnesota. Thirdly, take a break at the waterfall with many surrounding benches. Lastly, enjoy an assortment of all different kinds of flowers in full bloom.

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