Directly north of the Nicollet Island pedestrian bridge is Boom Island Park.

Many people go here to have a picnic, fly a kite, read a book, relax in a hammock, or walk the trails.

With more than 22 acres of land, Boom Island Park features a lighthouse, and views of the Minneapolis skyline over the Mississippi River.

Unfortunately, the only lighthouse in Minneapolis is not functional. It has been nicely renovated, and continues to shine as a historical monument.

A little History of the Island:

The land used to be an actual island. Sawdust and debris accumulated and filled in the land, when the sawmills were flourishing.

Large logs called booms, were used to collect the logs that would inevitably barrel down the Mississippi River. This is where it’s name was derived.

The logs would then float down the river to the sawmills that were fueled by the downtown waterfall, St Anthony Falls.

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  1. This island park looks so mesmerizing and lovely…The view gives much pleasure and especially the history really seems to be very interesting..Thanks for sharing..Great work…

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