What Happened to Minneapolis Brewing Company?

In many ways, Minneapolis Brewing Company is alive and well.

As one of the first breweries in Minnesota it went through an economical roller coaster. A fire, prohibition, many owners/locations later, they decided to change the name to their flagship beer, Grain Belt.

Grain Belt was still beating the odds until 2001, when they lost 50 percent of their sales. They were forced to close the doors to the old brewery in Northeast Minneapolis forever.

Not to worry, shortly after, August Shell Brewing Company out of New Ulm, MN bought Grain Belt and the famous Grain Belt sign. They continue to produce the 3 staples: Premium, Nordeast, and Premium light. Giving them bragging rights for the largest Brewery in MN.

The City of Minneapolis strikes again, deeming the old complex of buildings that once was the brewery, an individual landmark.

As it stands today, you will still see faint Grain Belt signs, and old tell tale markings that once it was a thriving brewery.

The seven buildings of Romanesque revival architecture that made up the huge brewery is now converted to a Hennepin County Library, offices, and apartment buildings.

Pro tip: While you are checking out the old brewery grounds, make a stop at Sheridan Memorial Park.

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