Stunning Waterfall Trail in Minneapolis

Minnehaha Lower Glen Trail is a stunning waterfall trail in Minneapolis. Hike this trail to the Mississippi river for scenic views.

Minnehaha Lower Glen Trail is a little over 2 miles of dirt trails. It begins at the gorgeous Minnehaha Falls and follows either side of Minnehaha Creek all the way down to the Mississippi River.

To access this hike you will need to be able to travel up/down a plethora of stairs. There are multiple staircases near Minnehaha Falls to descend into the glen.

They chain off the staircases forbidding access the trail for safety reasons every winter.

Once you have arrived take note, some areas are considered a moderate hike on this trail.

Along the way there there are multiple historic stone bridges to allow you access to the path across the creek. You will also see Godfrey Mill Ruins, a natural wading pool, and limestone bluffs.

The sandy beach head is where Minnehaha Creek flows into the Mississippi River. This would be a perfect place to hang out on a beautiful day.

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