The Nicollet Island Experience

Nicollet Island is located on the Mississippi River immediately north of St Anthony Falls and the Stone Arch Bridge.

The island is only 48 acres, making everything easily accessible by foot.

If you are up for a walk around the city. We recommend parking in downtown near 1st Ave. We were able to get a spot next to Voya, a building with unique arch columns and an abundance of windows.

Take the Father Louis Hennepin Bridge over to the island. This will showcase excellent views of the Grain Belt sign on your way to the island.

Once you cross over the bridge you will see the adorable limestone Nicollet Island Inn to your right. On the left, De LaSalle Catholic High school.

Island Avenue has a sidewalk that takes you around the perimeter of the island to explore it entirely.

Take in the detailed Victorian homes on the various gravel off-shoots of trails. Less than 200 people reside on this island giving it a small town feel.

Experience the beauty of the Mississippi River and views from the top of St Anthony Falls from the Nicollet Park Pavilion.

Adjacent to the pavilion there is green space that also features the Bell of Two Friends, which is a Dotaku bell that’s purpose is lost to history.

The Dotaku bell in the park is known as a gift from the Japanese to Minneapolis as a gesture of world peace and friendship.

On your adventure you will come across railroad bridges, many stairs, and if your up for more of a walk you can head North to Boom Island. To do so, take the Boom Island bridge from the north side of Nicollet Island.

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