Many Uses of the Midtown Greenway

The many uses of the Midtown Greenway is great for anyone passing through Minneapolis without a car. It is a pedestrian path running 5.7 miles from one side of Minneapolis to the other (east to west). It has multiple lanes separating the walkers/runners from cyclist/rollers for many uses of the Midtown Greenway.

From Leisure to Commuting there are Many Uses of the Midtown Greenway

This route is automobile free other than a few cross streets that run in between it. Look out for stop signs alerting you of any upcoming car traffic.

This rail trail also connects to the Kenilworth trail (which turns into the Cedar Lake Trail) allowing you to take a trail through the western suburbs.

Many people use this trail for recreation. Some lucky workers are able to use it to commute to and from work on the daily.

Parts of it runs below the busy streets. That means to access the Greenway is some areas you have to take stairs. Typically there is a roll system on the side of the stairs to assist you in guiding your bike up and down (do not assume you have to carry your bike).

Our favorite way to utilize this path is loading up our pups in our Burley bike trailer, and heading west to visit family in Eden Prairie. It’s a long haul, but the scenery is worth the effort.

As you can see in the photo below it brings you in between Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and parts of the Ground Rounds. Any of those places are a great place to hang out and take in the scenery.

15 thoughts on “Many Uses of the Midtown Greenway

  1. What a cool spot! I’ve never been to this area before but it looks nice. I like the colored stairs.

  2. Definitely a great place to cycle in total safety to take care of yourself and have fun with your family or alone.

  3. I love having you Hidden Treasures nearby home. Is great that you can explore your state and your city in many different ways is good that you take an advantage of this road and use it the way you are using it.

  4. Unquestionably an incredible spot to cycle in all out wellbeing to deal with yourself and play around with your family or alone.

  5. It’s been so refreshing to see our many parks getting used for daily activities and exercise. This place sounds wonderful for people of all physical activity levels.

  6. We have a trail like this here. If you’re willing to walk long enough (or bike, that’s more realistic) it connects all the little towns around the county. It comes into our small town not too far from our house, close enough that we can walk over to the entrance when we want to take the dogs for a longer stroll.

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