The Changing of the Seasons at Lake Nokomis

Lake Nokomis was formerly known as Lake Amelia. It was renamed in 1910, in honor of Hiawatha’s Grandmother, Nokomis. The Changing of Seasons at Lake Nokomis and the history behind the creation of the it makes this lake unique.

The city of Minneapolis created this lake from a marsh in 1907. When they purchased the land the water was 5 foot deep at it’s deepest. Minneapolis made it 33 feet at it’s deepest point by excavation of the land. That is why this lake is considered “man-made.”

Things to do During the Changing of Seasons at Lake Nokomis

One of the most memorable things setting this apart from the other Minneapolis lakes is it’s 80’s fitness course. There is a spot for pullups and dips among other metal equipment.

If we had to guess, we have walked/biked/paddled almost 1,000 times at lake Nokomis. We are spoiled to live in close proximity, and take full advantage whenever we get the opportunity.

Lake Nokomis has two beaches, the large beach has a park for kids to play at and a kiosk for watersport rentals. Sand Castle is a restaurant next to the big beach. There are seats overlooking the water to enjoy a cold brew from the brewery trucks that come on the weekends (in the summer).

The Cedar Ave Arch bridge crosses over the lake. Occasionally, there are airplanes directly over head.

The Changing Seasons at Lake Nokomis:

Most of the photos below have been taken within the last 4 years we have lived here. It showcases how the seasons can really make the lake come to life.





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