Spring at Theodore Wirth Park

Just west of downtown is Theodore Wirth Park. It is close to the same size of Central Park in New York City, making it the largest in the Minneapolis Park system. Spring at Theodore Wirth Park is a great time to hike and explore.

There are miles of trails for hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing. June through September they have a stunning wildflower garden and a beach to get your tan on. The multiple golf courses also provide a well groomed look and feel to the nature inside the park.

We parked at the Quaking Bog, and hit some of the trails from there. We saw multiple ponds, the unbloomed wildflower gardens, and accidentally took a couple muddy trails. I say accidentally, because to help preserve the trails, the trails are not supposed to be hiked unless they are dry (if your shoe leave a print, the trail is closed). We went exploring further than we thought and had to take a closed trail to get back. 😮 Our pups were a muddy mess.

In the spring, it gets quite muddy especially in the “Quaking Bog”, but I assume it’s muddy there most of the year. There are many paved trails that I would stick to if you are visiting in the Spring.

One of the best parts about hiking these trails are the hills. There is more elevation change here than the other Minneapolis Parks to get your heart rate up.

Anytime of year is great at this park. In the winter they have a tow rope for more efficient snow tubing with the kiddos. There are groomed trails for hiking on the snow and a chalet to warm up.

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