Most Photographed Place in Minnesota

Minnehaha Falls is the most photographed place in Minnesota and we are not surprised. It is a 53 foot natural waterfall in the city of Minneapolis.

We live a mile and a half from this stunning cascade of water. There is something new and remarkable each visit.

The seasons of the Most Photographed Place in Minnesota

Around Mother’s day is my number one time to explore “the falls”. The tulips are in full bloom, the falls are in full roar from the winter snow melt, and the greenery starts coming to life after a long winter.

The winter, after a sticky snowfall, is a close second for the best time to visit. The waterfall freezes to millions of crystal-like icycles, and the snow lights up every single tree branch.

Every season at Minnehaha falls is a different feel and look, hence why it is one of the main places we frequent.

It is also one of the best places in the city for a hike. It has about 2 miles of trails mainly following the Minnehaha Creek (click for photos and info on the creek). To access this hike you will need to be able to travel up/down a plethora of stairs.

Within a mile of the waterfall, there is Longfellow Gardens, Sea Salt Eatery, Historic Statues, a Pavilion, Ford Parkway Disc Golf Course, Wabun Picnic Area, the VA home, the Ford Parkway Bridge and Mississippi River. The entire day could easily be spent seeing all the sights in this area.

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