Bike/Kayak/Walk Minnehaha Creek

Bucket list item: Kayak Minnehaha Creek

Minnehaha Creek is 22 miles long. The water rushes from Lake Minnetonka’s Gray’s Bay to the Mississippi River.

Many people who kayak the creek park at Lake Minnetonka. Then, paddle the creek to Longfellow Lagoon. Unless you want to kayak down Minnehaha falls like the guy did in 2014 😮, remember to end at Longfellow Lagoon.

Walking/biking along this trail is popular. For the safety of all, there is a separate path for walkers and bikers.

The creek runs past a ton of gorgeous destinations including Minnehaha Falls, Lake Nokomis, Lake Hiawatha, Lake Harriet, and the list goes on. It is surrounded by park land, plenty of bridges, loads of sculptures, and unique houses to look at all along the way.

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