History of Lake Hiawatha

There is nothing like walking through a park with the smell of giant pine trees to welcome you to the lake.

Mature trees, a golf course, Minnehaha Creek running through it, and a lake that covers 50 acres of land all describes Lake Hiawatha.

Lake Hiawatha is merely steps north of Lake Nokomis. The city of Minneapolis bought the 240 acres of land in the 1920s. Originally, the lake was just a marsh. The city transformed it to an oasis with large trees.

Today it is a beautiful lake with a variety of amenities and park activities overlooking the water. They even have a wading pool to accommodate little ones. Some years regrettably, they have to close the beach due to contamination (good thing they have that pool).

When you walk Lake Hiawatha there are many options, but note there is not a path around the entire lake. The golf course takes over a large portion of the land on one side of it. If you want to walk more than the portion of sidewalk next to the lake, here are a couple suggestions.

Option 1: Walk in the residential area around the golf course.

Option 2: Follow the sidewalk, cross over 28th Ave, travel along the Minnehaha Creek 1.5 miles to Minnehaha Falls.

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