The Colorful Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Minneapolis does it again with I.5 acres of roses in the city! The Colorful Lyndale Park Rose Garden was the second rose garden open to the public in the United States.

It is located directly next to Lake Harriet, making it easy to see both in the same outing. It is best to visit late June to September when the garden is in full bloom.

This colorful Lyndale Park rose garden was originally designed by the famous Theodore Wirth. Actually, the layout hasn’t changed since it was first planted in 1907.

Not only will you enjoy the roses, but it also features a florentine fountain, bird sanctuary, and an ancient sundial.

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19 thoughts on “The Colorful Lyndale Park Rose Garden

  1. This garden is simply amazing, everywhere you look it’s so mesmerizing. The roses here are definitely worth it.

  2. This rose garden is gorgeous! We have one here in Portland and I could seriously spend forever in there!

  3. You are so lucky. I would love to visit The Rose Garden! Yet, your review and pics make me feel like I’m already there.

  4. This garden looks beautiful. I can’t wait to visit the gardens around us here in jersey once this is all over.

  5. The garden looks so beautiful, I can imagine how amazing it is to walk around it when all the roses are in bloom. So colorful!

  6. The flowers are amazing! You’re making me want to go there now! I haven’t gotten to go on good little hikes since my daughter was born in April!

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