Celebrate at Lakes and Legends Brewery

Celebrate any occasion at Lakes and Legends Brewery for being one of our favorite breweries in Minneapolis.

This place is consistently creating new delicious beers. At times, I am disappointed when I realize they no longer make the beer that I loved during our last visit. Then, somehow they surprise me with a new obsession. 🍻

Moral of the story, if you love a specific beer from there, get a growler or two because you don’t know if it will be there next time.

Things to Celebrate at Lakes and Legends Brewery

Don’t forget to bring your pooch (they allow dogs inside). Petting all dogs that come through is one of the best things about this place.

Since they allow dogs inside, they do not have a kitchen. Don’t worry Eggy’s next door delivers. Often times they have someone at a table inside the brewery to take your order.

This is a spot to also catch the Sunday game during the football season. You will never miss a good part of the game because the crowd goes wild with each noteworthy play.

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