Get Outdoors at Lake Harriet

From watersports to walking the scenic trails take time to get outdoors at Lake Harriet. Enjoy the miles of trails, beaches, and Lyndale Park Rose garden along one of 13 Minneapolis lakes.

Trails and things you will see when you get outdoors at Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet is one of Minneapolis chain of lakes with a 2.75 mile walking path, and the 2.99 mile biking path.

One of the best things about this lake is looking at the many houses that overlook the water as we walk/bike. The houses are diverse in architecture and most are large with a ton of windows. Occasionally, we will guess how much they are worth. We are floored to see the cost not only of the homes, but also the property taxes.

The castle-like pavilion has excellent coffee and a variety of foods if you get hungry. We are sad that the beaches are not going to be open this year, but thankful they didn’t close the pathways.

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