Views of St. Anthony Falls

Not all downtown areas have a waterfall. Minneapolis is the high achiever of cities with St. Anthony Falls.

In the 1800’s this used to be the only natural waterfall on the northern half of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, it collapsed, but they replaced it with concrete. The natural waterfall sounds wondrous, what a time to be alive.

Take in views of the falls by walking the Stone Arch Bridge to Waterpower Park.

You can also, take a stroll on the West River Parkway heading north ⬆️ from the Stone Arch.

If you are up for a longer route:
Cross the Stone Arch bridge, ⬅️ left on to SE Main Street ⬅️ left on to Central Avenue bridge, and a ⬅️ left back on the West River Parkway.

No matter what route you take the views are amazing. Getting outside and exploring our cities nature is one of our favorite pass times.

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