Vibrant Bridge Connects the City of Minneapolis

A vibrant bridge connects the City of Minneapolis parks system. In 1988, the Irene Hixon Whitney pedestrian bridge was built to cross from the Sculpture Garden to Loring Park. The bright yellow and blue bridge towers above 16 lanes of highway traffic.

The bridge crosses over the major highway of I-94 at Hennepin Ave. As a result, there are beautiful views of the Basilica of St. Mary, an ample amount of sculptures, and Loring Pond

Parking Tips

Start your day in Minneapolis by parking across the street of the Walker Art Center. The park mobile app is a convenient and efficient way to pay for parking. For example, it sends reminders when your time is running low.

Artistic Vibrant Bridge Connects the City of Minneapolis

This spot is in one of the most artistic areas of Minneapolis since it is surrounded by museums and art sculptures in the park. As a result, they designed the bridge as a form of art.

Fitness in the Parks

There are a ton of ways to enjoy the parks. For example, many walk or run the trails along Loring Pond. Also yoga in the park is popular in the morning. In addition, people will bike to the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway for 55 miles of continuous trails.

Not to mention, its a great form of exercise to run up the large quantity of stairs. I wouldn’t consider myself afraid of heights. However, crossing the bridge gets my heart pumping every time. In my opinion, the gaps in between the stairs seem large. In addition, the cars racing beneath the bridge makes me want to run as fast as possible across.

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