Must-Sees on your Florida Keys Vacation

Each of the Florida Keys have their own pulse. Marathon has the Turtle Hospital, Curry Hammock State Park, and Sombrero Beach. It is about an hour from Key West and is low key in comparison.

This is our guide of the Florida Keys. It will tell you all of our favorite things, from where to stay to what to do on your vacation in paradise.

Courtyard by Marriott Marathon

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Marathon. It is located at the half way point of the Florida Keys and had a ton of amenities and entertainment.

We enjoyed the pool overlooking the ocean, live music, cocktails by the fire each night, movies on the big screen, and a gym with views.

This was truly a vacation and not a trip. We relaxed a lot and enjoyed the sun shine.

Overseas Heritage Trail

Getting to each of the Florida Keys you have to travel across 42 bridges on a two lane highway. The longest bridge is seven miles long.

There is a 2.2 mile pedestrian path made from reconstructed railroad track. It is not far from where we were staying in Marathon Key.

As you drive from one Key to the next you can see unkept areas of this railroad. It is wild what a little maintenance can do. Also, take note to the electrical towers built in to the ocean floor.

That pelican let me get very close to him on our walk before he flew away. I didn’t want him to be afraid of me, and I was terrified to turn my back on him, I still managed to get a photo from afar.

More of the Overseas Heritage Trail.

Sombrero Beach

This fabulous beach was located a couple miles from the resort. There is ample parking, but if you don’t have a car the hotel shuttle will take you for free.

It is not overly crowded most days and as you can see in the photo below there is an excellent sand mountain.

This beach also has the cleanest public restroom that I have ever been in.

Click this link for a guide to the best nearby beaches

Curry Hammock State Park

We decided to stop here on our way out of the Keys. This is a perfect place to Rent a Kayak from the park with multiple launch areas.

Walking up and down the beach we saw what looked like a mini jellyfish in the water, and enjoyed the palm trees across from the State park.

When we left we tried to drive to the palm tree oasis, but we were stopped due to a sign that informed us that it is private land.

Turtle Hospital

Visit the Florida Keys and Take a Tour at the Turtle Hospital (click for more photos) 100 percent of the admission goes back to taking care of the local turtles.

The Hospital is located directly next door to the Courtyard by Marriott Marathon, just another reason why we loved staying there.

The tour began just as the rain started to come down. They kept the tour running, handed out ponchos, and gave us food to feed them. They told us if we want to leave at anytime they can refund us, but we all decided to stay.

Many turtles are hit by boat propellers and need extensive surgery. Some of these turtles will never leave since their injuries are too extreme.

The Turtle Hospital is a little slice of paradise that saves over 100 turtles a year!

Spend a Day in Key West

One day in Key West is not nearly enough. It is the only large city in the Florida Keys.

There are an abundance of restaurants we wanted to try and beers we wanted to taste. You can even walk down Duval Street with the adult beverage of your choice in hand.

We appreciated all the conch house architecture, a style originally developed in Key West. I even tried to take a mansion tour of a HOTEL 😂, but settled for a photo with the massive gate door instead.

Damion took all the photos I wanted of me, and with me, and he did not complain (he does give me the “Are you serious” look on the regular though).

Want to see more of Key West? Click Here

Stop in Village Square Islamorada

Google led us to a parking lot of a Bodega, and immediately I was confused. There was a sign in the middle of the lot, but no coffee shop in sight. Then, tucked away in the back of the parking lot we saw an archway with Village Square written across the top of it.

As we walked through the Village to the coffee shop I couldn’t contain my excitement. This was a real gem showcasing multiple local women entrepreneurs.

Not only was the coffee shop adorable, and the avocado toast scrumptious, but we had a great conversation with the barista who also loves travel as much as we do.

After eating our food and drinking our lattes we wandered around, amuzed by all of the shops. There was a local photographer showcasing her work with her pooch by her side, plants galore, a macrame shop, and an adorable boutique filled with beach wear.

Do not hesitate to make this stop, and support the women that make this place adorable. If you are not into coffee there was also a burrito place that I’m sure is delicious too.

Want to see more photos of Village Square? Click here

FL Keys Steak and Lobster House

Adjacent to the Courtyard by Marriott Marathon is this fabulous restaurant. My coworker recommended it by saying, “It was the best meal of her life.”

After we had a relaxing day on Sombrero Beach we showered and drove over. We definitely could have walked, but we didn’t want to arrive soaked in sweat.

We ordered a couple local beers and the coconut shrimp for an appetizer as we browsed the menu. There are an abundance of choices so we went with the name on the sign.

They brought over a candle lit butter holder. We watched the butter melt as we waited for them to prepare our dinner.

When the food arrived Damion cut everything up for us to share. Every bite melted in my mouth, and all was right in the world.

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