Check out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Walking around the 11 acres of land is entirely free, but the Walker Art institute next door has a paid admission. Parking may be tricky unless you are willing to park on the side of the busy streets and walk a couple blocks. There is a paid parking right there to save the hassle and is worth every penny.

When Damion and I first moved to Minneapolis I had never been to the Sculpture Gardens. It was a great reminder each time we drove passed it on I-94, but then quickly forgotten before it went on our calendar.

For the last couple years, many of our date days have consisted of checking out places around the Twin Cities. These photos are a collection of our jaunts to the gardens throughout the years.

Did you know Minneapolis has one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country? It is 19 acres in total if you include the Walker Art Center (11 acres without).

Many of the sculptures are permanent and some of them change throughout the year. We have been at all different seasons, and get excited to see the new ones each time they change.

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