Spend a Day in Key West

One day in Key West is not nearly enough. It is the only large city in the Florida Keys.

When going for the day you will more than likely have to pay a 4 dollar/per hour parking meter. The street parking and parking lots are all the same price in old town. I

If you are on a tight budget I’m sure you could park in the new area and take an Uber/bus to old town to get around that cost.

Ponce De Leon Pier

The Southernmost Point of the United States had a line around the block. I think this view is way better anyway.

This was a pier we saw on our way on our way to check out the famous Southernmost Point sign.

I totally thought this was it! I hadn’t done the research for what it was supposed to look like, and Damion was the navigator as always. He didn’t inform me that this was just a pit stop on the way, until we got to the actual Southernmost Point.

Duval Street

There are an abundance of restaurants we wanted to try and beers we wanted to taste. You can even walk down Duval Street with the adult beverage of your choice in hand.

Damion took all the photos I wanted, of me, and with me, and he did not complain (he does give me the “Are you serious” look on the regular though).

Key West Architecture

We appreciated all the conch house architecture, a style originally developed in Key West. I even tried to take a mansion tour of a HOTEL 😂, but settled for a photo with the massive gate door instead.


  • Get a drink on the roof top of the Whistle Bar
  • Take a tour on the conch train
  • Watch chickens roam around busy park
  • Walk through the Key West Cemetery
  • Go to the top of the lighthouse
  • Get a picture at the Southernmost Point Pier
  • Watch the cruise ships dock in Mallory Square
  • Walk up and down Higgs Beach
  • Take a tour of Ernest Hemingway’s House

Croissants De France

This adorable patio and the sign for two one mimosa’s drew us in.

We had been to Paris last year and the thought a breakfast French cuisine in the Keys sounds light and fun (Damion chose something more on the heavy side 😆).

We were right, the atmosphere made it hard not to relax and enjoy every bite.

Waterfront Brewery

This was our last stop in the Key West and the beer and wings did not let us down.

We pulled up and I thought we pulled up to an aquarium. I’m sure that was the point, but Damion had to assure me that it was the Brewery.

We took a seat as close to the marina as we could without freezing from the cold breeze off the water. I still needed to go back to my car to grab my sweater. 🥶

We ordered two flights so we could try ALL of their home brews. We took a sip and gave our expert opinion on each of them.

We soaked up the beer with chicken wings and laughed about the dog sitting across from it’s owner in the booth. Maybe our dogs will be that well behaved some day.

View more photos on our Waterfront Brewery Post.


Just outside of the Waterfront Brewery is a great boardwalk to scan the large boats and shop at a few waterside kiosk’s.

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