Support Local Women in the Florida Keys by Shopping at Village Square

Village Square

I did a quick Google search for a coffee shop on our drive from the Keys to Miami and Cafe Moka was the closest one to us.

Google led us to a parking lot of a bodega, and immediately I was confused. There was a sign in the middle of the lot, but no coffee shop in sight. Then, tucked away in the back of the parking lot we saw an archway with Village Square written across the top of it.

As we walked through the Village to the coffee shop I couldn’t contain my excitement. This was a real gem showcasing multiple local women entrepreneurs.

Not only was the coffee shop adorable, and the avocado toast scrumptious, but we had a great conversation with the barista who also loves travel as much as we do.

After eating our food and drinking our lattes we wandered around, amuzed by all of the shops. There was a local photographer showcasing her work with her pooch by her side, plants galore, a macrame shop, and an adorable boutique filled with beach wear.

Do not hesitate to make this stop, and support the women that make this place adorable. If you are not into coffee there was also a burrito place that I’m sure is delicious too.

Cafe Moka

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