Scenic Spots near the Las Vegas Strip

Spend your vacation in the fresh air instead of behind a slot machine.

20 minutes: Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive.
40 minutes: Lake Mead
45 minutes: Hoover Dam
40 minutes: Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
1 hour: Valley of Fire State Park
2 hours: Grand Canyon West

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

Red Rock Canyon is only a 20 minute drive from the Las Vegas strip. We only had 2 hours before they closed the gates. We got to do some minor rock climbing, and take in the beauty of nature around us before the sunset.

We will be going back to hike more of the trails someday soon.

Hoover Dam

Not only does the Hoover Dam provide a reliable source of water to nearby areas, it looks gorgeous with a sunset behind it.

We do not take many tours, but we were informed by many that this tour is more than worth it.

My favorite part was navigating the underground tunnels and peaking out of the vents to see the outside from inside the dam.

Truth is the tunnels were cool, but I enjoyed everything from the outside best. This should not come as a surprise since I am obsessed with the sun, nature and great architecture.

Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

On our way back from Grand Canyon West we decided to check out the views from this bridge. It is far enough from the Hoover Dam to give you excellent views.

Lake Mead Overlook and Historic Railroad Hiking Trail

The Historic Railroad trail will have to be hiked on another day. We stopped here on our way back from the Grand Canyon just before the sun went down.

This trail starts at the lookout of Lake Mead. This view satisfied us enough for now, but all of the hiking near Vegas makes us want to go back for more. There is ample parking, and a map of showing you what you are looking at from this spot.

Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West is about two hours from Vegas. It costs 65 dollars to get in per person (55 if you get tickets in advance online). We didn’t want to drive the extra 4 hours to go to the North side (which is free). In the end we all thought it was worth the money.

The way the sun hits the canyon allows you to see every detail, and the Colorado River might be brown as it runs through, but it still a beauty.

Check out our post GrandCanyonWest for more extensive information.

Downtown Las Vegas

I am unsure what I expected, but downtown was much smaller than what I envisioned.

They have parking ramps that you can pay by the hour just like on the strip. We paid for an hour and walked around for less than that. They have ziplining, restaurants, and gambling but other than that not much else to do other than street performers.

The High Roller

We know we said “not on the Las Vegas Strip,” but this is noteworthy.

The High Roller Las Vegas is the tallest observation wheel in the world. It gives you a look over all of Las Vegas and then some. It is only a 30 minute ride with many excellent photo opportunities.

The unlimited bar option was extra exciting. Not all the cars have a bar cart so expect to wait a bit longer for one to come around. The bartenders work quickly, and each person can also order ONE shot. It is unlimited drinks for half an hour (which is how long it takes to make a full rotation).

We were on board with some interesting people. There was a couple groups celebrating weddings and birthdays. It was hilarious to see a diverse group of people coming together to have the same experience

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