Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido

We visited Costa Rica for the first time last year at Rio Celeste and we fell in love. Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido to get the ultimate Costa Rican experience. From monkeys to waterfalls, culture, and lifestyle. When our friends asked us to go with them, we knew we had to make it happen.

This time we left EARLY on a Thursday morning and arrived in Liberia by noon. We took an Uber about 1 hour into the rain forest where we stayed at the Rio Perdido in a secluded town called Bagaces.

I took a vow to not use my phone the entire time (other than for taking photographs of course πŸ˜‰) and Damion didn’t even bring his laptop. It was fantastic because we only had 4 days.

This resort is worth every penny. It is on the thermal river, over 20 miles of groomed hiking trails, three thermal pools, a swim up bar, ziplining, tubing, yoga, so many monkeys we lost count, suspension bridges and fantastic food. Each guest has their own private bungalow, and if you pay a little more, an outdoor private shower. We have stayed at many places throughout the years and this one has been my favorite!

Hiking Trails on the Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido

Hike all morning relax by the pool all afternoon. That sounds like the perfect vacation to us!

The Rio Perdido has over 20 miles of private hiking trails. Most of them are well groomed but not all are marked. If you left it up to me, I would have easily gotten lost.

The terrain was moderate, thank God because it was HOT. Each day got up to 90 degrees, and this girl knows how to sweat. πŸ₯΅ I sweat so much that I had to take breaks at the end of our hikes to get myself together. Next time, I will have to bring my own camelback.

East Bungalows

These bungalows were the less expensive option at the Rio Perdido, but nice and private. The front porch made a fantastic spot for sitting on the hammock reading a book making up for the absence of an outdoor shower. They are settled in the middle of the forest to watch the monkeys swing from tree to tree. It’s also a fabulous place to place a yoga mat for all the morning stretches.


Experience daily yoga classes submerged in the forest when you stay at the enchanting resort of Rio Perdido. There is nothing more relaxing.

I’m not normally a yogi, but when the opportunity arises in the rainforest I don’t pass it up.

Suspension Bridge

To experience the trails you may have to cross a couple suspension bridges.

At the end of our hikes on our way back to our bungalow they would make me dizzy. πŸ€ͺ


Monkeys are the squirrels of Costa Rica.

Just kidding! Monkeys are much more amazing than squirrels. At the Rio Perdido resort they were every where. They love eating the pink flowers so the resort plants them all over to help feed them.

The baby monkey was my favorite, but I’m glad I got this picture with this monkey friend.

We also saw an armadillo, swam with a toad, almost stepped on a praying mantis, and enjoyed the large iguanas. Experiencing the native animals while exploring is the best.

Thermal River

This clear blue thermal river had the best natural mud mask.

Not only was the river a natural hot spring, but it offered a free spa treatment. The guys were great sports enjoying the dirt on their skin.

We slipped around going up and down the river to enjoy the variety of temperatures. There was one point that it got extremely hot and I started to sweat.


The hiking trails next to the river were extremely fun too. We made it to the waterfall, but it was all dried up for the season. It was wondrous and magical to walk across the top.


The breakfast buffet was included with the stay. The omelettes were custom made with many options of toppings and a lush variety of fruit.

We thoroughly enjoyed the red sangria, paccha mama’s, and every option on the menu throughout the day.

The service was excellent from a few of the bartenders and servers. We experienced a few questionable servers giving us more time to catch up.

Thermal Pools during your Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido

There was three pools. They all had different temperatures, and one had a swim up bar. There was fantastic seating within the pools. If one was too busy, just try a different one.

Overlook at your Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido

Normally this spot features a waterfall, but in January 2020 it was dry for the season. As you can see there are also many ziplines to give you an idea of how amazing it would be to trapeze across the river.


Along the trails we saw many areas for you to zipline from. Though we decided not to zipline due to limited timing at the resort we know it would be amazing.

Flowers at your Stay at the Enchanting Resort of Rio Perdido

In the midst of a Minnesota winter it’s hard not to gawk at the gorgeous vegetation at this place.

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  1. Looks like you had an incredible time. I would love to stay in a bungalow and spend my evenings doing yoga in a rainforest. I would also love the hiking but would hate the suspension bridges. What a beautiful experience.

  2. This resort looks like a wonderful spot for hiking and having fun! I love spending my time outdoors, it’s really relaxing! I envy you a lot! πŸ™‚

  3. You have such gorgeous photos of the entire place! The food looks fantastic as well. Very colorful! I’m not sure if I can live with wildlife around. Too scared.

  4. Oh my gosh, this just looks like a dream! Ryan and I went one year and loved it so much we had to go right back the next year too – there definitely is something about Costa Rica that is extra special. This looks like a perfect place to stay with the lush tropical views!

  5. The view of the place is much attractive and awesome….. Especially that river looks so peaceful and great…. Perfectly captured memories….seems like had much fun there…

  6. We haven’t been to Costa Rica, what a lovely place to visit. I hope we can travel the same way before less the pandemic scare.

  7. Costa Rica is one of my dream destination, and hope to travel again after this lockdown. I like to explore the whole nature trail, and taste their foods.

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