Best beaches from Miami to the Florida Keys

From colorful lifeguard towers to the powder white sand, these beaches will not disappoint.

Our vacations typically consist of hiking, exploring new cities, taste testing new beers at breweries, and getting out in nature.

A couple of our days were spent simply enjoying the beaches, time together, and rest with absolutely no work in sight.

Sombrero Beach

This beach is located in Marathon Key (halfway point to Key West). The bathroom at this beach was the nicest beach bathroom I have ever been to. Walking up and down this beach won’t take you long because it isnt too large. You will see a playground, volleyball nets, docks to fish, picnic benches, and my favorite a sand mountain (if it’s still there).

We spent a ton of time on the beach talking about our dreams while we were in Florida inspired by Mel Robbins Best Decade Ever.

It was so refreshing to talk about our goals and dreams while sitting in the sun on a gorgeous 70 degree day.

I was relieved that the day wasn’t any warmer than 70 because the ocean was ice cold, and I couldn’t get myself to go in passed my knees.

Beach at Curry Hammock State Park

We decided to stop here on our way out of the Keys. This is a perfect place to rent a kayak from the park with multiple launch areas.

Walking up and down the beach we saw what looked like a mini jellyfish in the water, and enjoyed the palm trees across from the State park.

When we left we tried to drive to the palm tree oasis, but we were stopped due to a sign that informed us that it is private land.

North Miami Beach

Parking on Miami Beach is a bit of a nightmare, but it is less expensive and easier on the North end.

This beach is expansive, and much less crowded. Also, if you want to walk for miles you can make it down to South Beach.

There is an enormous cat colony scattered within all of Miami Beach but you will see the most cats in the North Shore Open Space Beach Park.

South Miami Beach

We found the public parking ramps were the easiest and cheapest if you insist on driving there.

This is the perfect spot for people watching, and is one of the busiest beaches I have ever been to. There is an insane amount of restaurants to choose from just across the street.

This is home to a ton art deco buildings, and an outdoor gym.

Hollywood Beach

To kill time on our last day of vacation, we drove up to this beach. The boardwalk goes forever, and has restaurants all along it.

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