Stunning Scenery at Maquoketa Caves

State and National Parks are a must when visiting new areas. The stunning scenery at Maquoketa Caves State Park went for miles. There are 13 Caves and is open mid-April to Mid-October for caving. However, the almost 8 miles of trails are open year round.

Anyone can go spelunking after a brief presentation on how to not contaminate the caves. Camping is also allowed with a reservation for one of the 29 sites.

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Photographs of Stunning Scenery at Maquoketa Caves

We are blessed to have thoughtful family to visit in the Quad Cities. They decided to take us to this majestic cave wonderland.

This Iowa State Park was filled with every size cave, well groomed trails, and best of all we were able to explore basically by ourselves since we went late in the season (early November).

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Explore the Stunning Scenery at the Maquoketa Caves like a Pro

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Things to do nearby

These caves are about one hour away from the Quad Cities. As you drive in there is also a winery to stop at on your way out. It is called Iowa Grape Vines winery. They specialize in root beer and ice cream if you have littles with you like we did.

Quad Cities

Every time we visit we enjoy delicious food and unique breweries. This time we went to Radical Effect Brewery, which is run by their neighbor.

For a unique hang out spot also check out ROZZ-TOX. It is a coffee shop that also serves beer. There is a library upstairs, and a small concert venue for people of all ages.

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