Visit Dallas in a Day

Mild winter weather, I think so. Frequently, flights to Dallas are cheap from Minneapolis and many other airports.

Dallas has many great things to see, but you do not need more than a day in Dallas if that is all you have to get away.

It is also a quick hour and a half drive to Waco to see the Magnolia wonderland Chip and Jo have created in Waco.

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Deep Ellum Brewing

This is the place of my people. One of our many hobbies is checking out the beers at new breweries. The ambiance was chill during the day and by the time we left it started coming to life.

The art work in there was everything. The wood decor on the walls of the city of Dallas was impressive, and the bathroom doors made me chuckle.

This brewery also had fantastic food and if it is a gorgeous day out enjoy the large patio with your pooch.

We drove by later in the day, and there was not a parking spot in site so be prepared to pay for parking after 5pm.

Dallas Farmers Market

This is an epic indoor farmers market. It is open seven days a week and has all different kinds of products for sale.

We ate just before we arrived, but there are many different places to try out, and the shopping is unique. They have craftsman and artisans and often host different events.

Wine Tasting and Shop

After the farmers market, travel across the street to check out the shop Simply Irresistible for cute interior decor, and clothes.

We did not have enough time to enjoy a glass of wine here but Eden Hill Winery is next to the store Simply Irresistible, and on a nice day with those garage doors open fully I bet it’s fantastic.

Old Red Museum

We didn’t check out the inside because museums are not my thing. When you only have a day it doesn’t make sense unless it is. Instead, we fully admired the outside taking in the architecture.

In this area we felt that it made sense to pay for parking. We usually don’t circle the area not than twice to make that decision. It was more than worth it because not only did we see the Old Red but also the Historic District, and the JFK Memorial.

JFK Memorial

It is still surreal to me that our president of the United States was shot here in Dallas. The memorial is somber and the history around it is fascinating even though it isn’t all related to JFK.

Historic District

We walked around a few blocks in this area. I imagine that it comes to life at night, but during the day it is not as historic as I expected. There was no statues or very many cool old buildings.

Kylde Warren Park

Christmas magic, I think so! If you get an opportunity to go to Dallas around the holidays you will see massive ornaments and a super tall sparkly tree.

It is the perfect spot to bring your kids or just hang out on a nice day. They have different sections of the park for different people including even foosball tables, big building blocks, a large kids section (not pictured), and a variety of food trucks that span the entire block on one side of the park.

Skinny Fats

The variety of beer is fantastic. The Cajun Pickles are a meal on its own and the prices are great for being in the uptown area.

Sip Stir Coffee House

Located in Uptown, you will find this adorable place to work, get a smoothie, latte, or scrumptious avocado toast. We did all this things.

The Rustic

This was with in walking distance of our airbnb, and with all the beers they had to choose from we were happy we didn’t drive.

Occasionally, they have live music and an excellent patio to hang out at all night long.

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