Everything Magnolia in Waco Texas

There is no doubt Chip and Joanna Gaines have created a legacy. They also have decided to share their talents with the world in creating memories and experiences for all ages, budgets, and interests. Here are our experiences and tips to enjoy every second of Waco Texas Magnolia style.

Magnolia Table

On our way I checked Magnoliatable.com many times to see how long our wait would be to make sure we could get in. We arrived at 10:20 and stood in the roped line to get a reservation. They told us it would take 45 minutes so we sat under heaters in the outdoor waiting area with a delicious Carmel latte from their coffee area.

25 short minutes later we were sitting down ordering a nutty cinnamon roll, french toast, and the farmers breakfast. I LOVE breakfast, and this was one of the best meals of my life. The french toast was a perfect combo of fluff and crunch with strawberry butter, the cinnamon roll was better than Cinnabon, and the bacon was a crispy combo of bacon/jerky.

I never wanted to leave, but I didn’t want anyone to have to wait any longer than they had to or worse not be able to enjoy this wondrous place.

The Magnolia Market

After breakfast at Magnolia Table we headed over to the silos. It’s not far down the road, but after our amazing experience at Chip and Jo’s restaurant I was giddy.

We arrived at the silos at noon and the parking was insane. After circling to get a close spot we settled for parking further away on a residential road.

As we walked in I was mad at myself for eating so much at breakfast because the bakery looked amazing, but I couldn’t imagine putting any more food in my body.

We walked into the silos and instantly I knew this place made me feel like home (even with a bajillion strangers). Jo has the magic touch for it all, and her black and white and muted colors are everything I ever wanted in my life.

This place has something for everyone, and the prices are reasonable. I can’t wait to set up my new table runner and bring Magnolia to my home.

As we walked outside we saw people enjoying the hell out of life on the massive lawn for kids to run around and play. There are food trucks, a garden center, and so many photo ops it is insane!

Then there is the coffee house (Magnolia Press). This is a new addition to their property and it has ample room to lounge, and enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

Every single minute of my time in Waco was MAGIC!

Magnolia Press

Coming soon: Magnolia Furniture show room that shares this building, but for now you can check out her pieces online at: https://shop.magnolia.com/collections/furniture


Magnolia Seed + Supply

Magnolia Bakery

The Grounds

Harp Design Co.

Seriously I never wanted to leave, but we also wanted to see a couple homes that they fixed up. So we decided to drive a bit. Fixeruppermap.com includes the first 3 seasons of the homes they renovated including the Harp house (season 1).

On the Harp property their is a wood working shop in the back, and another fantastic and reasonably priced store.

If you do not know who Clint Harp is he is a talented woodworker that regularly works for Chip and Jo.

He has a book out (Handcrafted) and a show (Wood Work). If you like the Gaines you will love him and his family too.

Not pictured or seen by us

  • Cottonland Castle 3300 Austin Ave Waco
  • Little shop on Bosque 3801 Bosque Blvd
  • Magnolia House bed and breakfast 323 S Madison St; McGregor, Texas 76657

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  1. Looks like a cool spot. We might have to visit one day. I’d go for the food! I don’t care about design so much.

  2. I live in Dallas and the Silo is on my Texas bucket list. I can’t believe I have not been yet. The pictures are great and make me want to visit even more.

  3. What a wonderful place with lots of things going on for it. I love the Magnolia Press! I’m a coffee-lover!

  4. I cannot wait to visit all their shops someday soon! I have her cookbook and she shares a lot of their Magnolia Table recipes on there, I definitely recommend making the biscuits. Waco is on my bucket list for places to visit.

  5. I would love to visit here one day. Her passion for style and decor is amazing. I aspire to bring some of her homey feelings to our house but no one can live up to Joanna. What a wonderful share!

  6. That looked like an amazing breakfast. I would love to go there, but I do not do well with huge crowds. I would have to find a time that they maybe aren’t as busy.

  7. As someone who has probably seen every Fixer Upper episode, I think it’s so fun that you could go and experience some of the spaces that they showed designing and building. I especially love that tile floor!

  8. This is on my travel bucket list for the states when I make my way around to traveling there! I’m going to save this post and reference it when my trip comes closer!

  9. I love everything Magnolia and all the beauty the Gaines have created! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks a great place to be. Very clean and inviting for people to good. Love the atmosphere🤗

  11. What an interesting place to visit. I will definitely include this in my bucket list if I have the chance to visit Texas!

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